4 Best Gifts for High-Value Clients


Thank you” is a powerful phrase, but it’s just that: a phrase. 

You thank every customer for their business. When it comes to your most valuable clients, how can you communicate that extra level of appreciation?

You could offer a discount on future purchases, but it’s easy to see that as a sales tactic. A tour of your facilities might be interesting — but do big-spending clients actually have the time for that? VIP events and team meet-and-greets are beset by that same issue.

The best way to go the extra mile for your top clients? A gift.

Go-To Gifts by Personality

Personalized gifts are commonly used by everyone from casino marketers and other niche industries to general business consultants to create lasting client relationships. Gifting leverages the reciprocity principle, which encourages the recipient to treat the giver well in return. 

What makes a good client gift? The Business Gift Satisfaction Survey says the right amount to spend is $50-$150 per gift. Choose something meaningful in that range by thinking about each client’s personal tastes. If you’re not sure where to start, consider:

  1. For the Technophile: Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones
    Although some of the best noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones of 2019 fall north of that core price range, they all make great gifts for tech-loving clients. On flights, in traffic, and at the office, a solid pair of noise-cancelling headphones turns a loud space into a sanctuary. Whether they’re catching up on work or getting in some R&R, headphones can be a lifesaver.

    One cost-effective option that’s nearly as good as the top players? Anker’s SoundCore Space NC. Temporarily discounted from $99 to $55, SoundCore Space NC is a pair of over-ear headphones that’s surprisingly effective at drowning out noise. When used wirelessly, it offers 21 hours of continuous playtime, but it does include a jack for wired use.

    2. For the Fashionista: Premium Scents and Cosmetics
    If a high-value client always walks in looking and smelling his or her best, a small-box gift might go a long way: Opt for a classy perfume, cologne, or cosmetic set. Happen to know their favorite scent? Even better. 

For the women on your list, Clinique Fan Favourites is currently available for $49.50 with any Clinique purchase of $29.50 or more. The Fan Favourites set is a $225 value, comprised of best sellers like Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion and Moisture Surge Overnight Mask. Also included in the glittery bag are make-up remover, skin repair serum, mascara, lipstick and foaming cleanser. Why not get a full-size product for yourself and give the Fan Favourites set away?

What about the guys? For your top male customers, provide a confidence boost via Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de L’Homme. Priced between $58 and $128, depending on size, the fragrance is often described as a sensual, complex mix of cardamom, cedar and coumarin.

3. For the Foodie: Snack Baskets
Wow your food-loving customers with a gourmet gift basket full of specialty foods and treats. When shared with others, the baskets are a great excuse for clients to tell family and friends about your service.

Around the holidays, the Christmas Gift Basket Premium is a smart choice. Available for $89.99, the basket contains kettle corn, chocolate chip cookies, summer sausage, gouda cheese, dark chocolate, and several smaller snacks.

Want to go the extra mile? Ask for a personalized basket. Gourmet Gift Baskets, which sells the Christmas Gift Basket Premium, lets you add a coffee mug or ribbon emblazoned with the text of your choice. Personalization in any form can go a long way. It shows you know your client well and are truly being thoughtful with your gift.

Jet Gift Baskets is also another great option for any occasion whether it be holidays, birthdays, or a thoughtful thank you gift. 

4. For the Creative Leader: Smart Journals and Pens
Not sure what to get the executive or creative client on your list? Leaders have a lot on their plates, and anything to help them stay organized is often appreciated. Plus, it shows them you’re really thinking about what they actually need.

Moleskine has three smart notebooks that easily transfer hand-written notes and sketches to a digital counterpart. The Dropbox Smart Notebook comes with a three-month subscription to Dropbox and the Moleskine Page Camera app, which allows you to easily digitalize, edit, share and store your freehand notes and drawings. At $29.95 each, a set of two falls into the right price range.

A quality notebook calls for the right writing utensil: Cross has an Edge pen that is a capless rollerball design for smooth operation. For less mess, it can be converted to a ballpoint pen with the right ink refill. Priced at $20.79, this is another gift that might be best given as a set.

Gifting is a staple of business for good reason. The right gift shows you know the recipient not just as a client, but as a person. Whenever your client picks up your present, they’ll remember you in a way that “thank you” can’t hold a candle to.