Key Trends Marketers Should Embrace to Engage Gen Z in 2024

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To remain ahead of the curve in the ever-changing digital marketing landscape, marketers need to stay up with the newest trends, challenges, and technology. With an estimated $360 billion in spending power in 2023, Gen Z demonstrated that they were a unique generation. Brands are vying for the attention of this demographic because of the continued influence they wield. Here we’ll take a look at three major tendencies that will shape the way marketers interact with Generation Z in the year 2024.

1. The Changing Search Habits of Generation Z

For answers or more information, people used to just “Google it.” On the other hand, members of Generation Z are abandoning this practice and using other platforms to conduct their search queries. Gen Z is less likely to use Google and more likely to use Amazon, TikTok, and YouTube for their search needs, according to research done in 2023 by ecommerce company Jungle Scout.

Especially remarkable is the meteoric climb of TikTok as a search engine. With the recent launches of search advertising products by Instagram and TikTok, it’s clear that social search will take center stage in 2024 for marketers. More discovery-focused TikTok ad product launches are expected in the next year, according to Sofia Hernandez, TikTok’s global head of business marketing. The youthful demographic of TikTok users is characterized by an insatiable appetite for knowledge and an inclination to make serendipitous discoveries when conducting targeted search queries.

According to Hernandez, “People come to TikTok with a specific query in mind, but then they go on other routes and discover new products, life hacks, recipes, and so on.” Brands can take advantage of this behavior to catch Gen Z’s attention from the very beginning of their journey by appearing during moments of discovery.

2. Strange and Interesting Styles in Clothing and Cosmetics

The impact of Generation Z goes far beyond what they do when they go online. They are the fastest-growing demographic on Pinterest, and they currently account for more than 40% of the 482 million active monthly users. The wacky and wonderful beauty and fashion trends that Generation Z will embrace in 2024 are highlighted in Pinterest’s “2024 Not Yet Trending” report.

After Barbie pink took over the fashion world in 2023, blue is expected to make a triumphant return. Members of Generation Z and millennials will discover innovative uses for aquamarine cosmetics. A 65% increase for “blue eyeshadow aesthetic” and a 100% increase for “aqua makeup look” have been recorded, respectively. Furthermore, members of Generation Z will favor voluminous hairstyles, jeweled accessories, oversized hoops, wavy perms, bows, and a jelly-inspired aesthetic.

“Grampacore,” a “eclectic grandpa” style, is another new fad coming up in 2024. Both Generation Z and Boomers will love this style, which is all about vintage streetwear, stylish cardigans, and personalized apparel. According to Sara Pollack, Pinterest’s head of consumer marketing worldwide, the underlying themes of the upcoming 2024 fashion trends will be fun and maximalism.

3. The Influence of Generation Z on Elections and Brand Values

Beyond their taste in clothing and online habits, members of Generation Z will also play a major role in shaping the outcomes of future elections. Generation Z, which includes those born between 1997 and 2012, will constitute 27% of the world’s workforce by 2025, making them the biggest generation to date. Millennials and Generation Z are projected to make up 40% of the electorate in the upcoming 2024 U.S. election.

But winning over Generation Z will be difficult for Democrats and Republicans alike. Among Americans between the ages of 18 and 29, the percentage who say they will “definitely” cast a ballot in the 2024 election has decreased from 57% to 49% since the autumn of 2019, according to a study by Harvard’s Institute of Politics. Political campaigns would do well to reach out to Generation Z in light of this drop.

In addition to having an effect on politics, members of Generation Z prioritize environmental protection and social justice. Even more so, 73% of millennials and Gen Zers say that their values and beliefs influence their brand loyalty and advocacy. The marketing community should unite around these principles and work to advance sustainability, social responsibility, and equality. Brands can win over Gen Z customers by demonstrating their dedication to these values.

See first source: Adweek


How are Gen Z’s search habits changing, and which platforms are they using for search queries?

Gen Z is moving away from traditional search engines like Google and is turning to platforms like Amazon, TikTok, and YouTube for their search needs. TikTok, in particular, is becoming a popular search engine among Gen Z. Social search, where users discover unexpected content while searching, is on the rise, presenting opportunities for marketers to capture their attention.

What fashion and beauty trends can we expect from Gen Z in 2024?

Gen Z is set to embrace unique fashion and beauty trends in 2024. Blue is making a comeback in fashion and makeup, with aquamarine and blue eyeshadow aesthetics gaining popularity. Fashion choices will include fluffy hair aesthetics, sculptural jewelry, chunky hoops, wavy perm hairstyles, bows, and jelly-inspired vibes. Additionally, the “eclectic grandpa” style, known as grandpacore, featuring retro streetwear and chic cardigans, will gain traction.

How will Gen Z influence elections, and what percentage of the electorate will they make up in the 2024 U.S. election?

Gen Z, along with millennials, is expected to account for 40% of the electorate in the 2024 U.S. election. Their influence will be significant, but there are challenges in motivating them to vote. The number of young Americans who say they will “definitely” vote has declined, emphasizing the need for effective engagement by political campaigns.

What values are important to Gen Z consumers, and how can brands align with these values?

Gen Z values equality, sustainability, and social responsibility. Brands can earn the trust and loyalty of Gen Z consumers by promoting these principles in their marketing efforts. According to Edelman, 73% of Gen Z consumers buy from or advocate for brands based on their beliefs and values. Marketers should align their messaging and actions with these values to resonate with Gen Z.

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