shutterstock_150798881Upon hearing the question, how quickly will someone make money after experiencing your programs I was stunned. How could that possibly be quantifiable regardless of whose service it might be?

Numerous possibilities play into the final answer. The following insights are worthy of serious consideration for anyone wanting to make their mark in business world.

Remarks heard indicate the difficulty in answering that question: “The difference between us is, you are motivated”; “The learning curve is to steep, why begin?” and, “It’s not worth setting goals because everyone gives up”.

You can teach yourself to be motivated. The other option is to sit back and feel sorry for yourself. So the next question becomes, which scenario do you prefer?

Using a few sales techniques, you can quickly become motivated too:
* Each evening create a list of 10 things you will complete the next day
* On your list, include one person to call for a friendly conversation
* As you complete tasks during the day, cross them off of your list
* On your list, include one fun activity for the week
* Use the fun activity as celebration for having achieved your goals

This process allows you to quickly see items checked off as completed. Sticking to the plan, you will begin to feel motivation kick in to turn some of these tasks into long held ideas for projects. Using the same running task list strategy will see completion your projects in a more timely fashion. Celebration is a requirement to keep the motivation moving forward.

Program Type
Another factor comprising the answer is the complexity of the program. Was the reference being made to purchase of a digital book, a yearlong one-on-one coaching program, or something in-between?

The person asking the question was assured that all content provided applies to entrepreneurial work as well as selling to Fortune 100 corporations. Business development, building relationships, and sales strategies apply to all programs, but need to be modified for one’s own clientele.

Embracing Programs as Your Own
It is impossible to predict how quickly someone will benefit from a product or service. A person may take all the training imaginable, but unless it is comprehended well, and adapted to one’s unique style and own program, the information will not be helpful.

The final answer to the question of how quickly someone may make money from your program is in fact, one cannot predict. The outcome is dependent upon self-motivation and a dedication to trial and error. And it will only work if the information is adapted to one’s own unique style for their intended clientele.

Sales Success
Your sales success is dependent upon getting to the heart of the matter of what each of your clients truly needs, wants and deeply desires. This is true for any dollar amount involved.

Last word of advice, decline to answer such questions, as you have no control over the outcome. Making false claims will hurt you and your business. You can only speak to how the information has served you well and that you do your best to teach others. This maintains an authentic personal brand.

Doing your best, in every regard, is what leads to the Smooth Sale!