During your next Zoom meeting, there are three simple ways to wow and inspire your attendees. However, planning is critical for best results.

During your next Zoom meeting, there are three simple ways to wow and inspire your attendees. However, planning is critical for best results.

The start of a New Year is an excellent time to inspire new habits. However, planning is essential for the most significant outcomes. This will all help promote your brand to the far corners of the earth.

Make modifications and improvements to the activities you often do. Things that are most obvious to the people you want to reach and influence affect your career.

What is one example of anything that comes within this category? The dreaded but all-too-common Zoom conference!

Online meetings (which are now pretty much the most prevalent kind of gathering) may help you connect with people that matter. So it’s time to step up your game and strengthen your “meetings muscle” by creating events that are both captivating and distinct.

First and foremost, master the fundamentals. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to move on to the next phase in creating beautiful and memorable encounters. Choose the ones that seem genuine to you and are appropriate for your meeting’s audience and substance. Here are three ideas to get you started.

1. Begin with a bang.

How you begin a virtual meeting sets the tone for the remainder of the conference.

If your launch seems like a replay of the meeting from which your attendees just left, they’ll tune out right away. Set the tone by making the initial few minutes of your presentation stand out and capture your audience.

You may use a short movie, a tale, a joke, a puzzle, or anything else that fits the scenario.

I’m a collector of great TV commercials, so I usually open with one of my favorites relevant to the issue at hand. Select a beginning point that will aid in the reinforcement of your brand.

2. Add music to the brand mix.

Music is an excellent method to set the tone for your gathering.

When individuals arrive, have music playing in the background. Music will set the tone while also communicating that this gathering is unique. Soft background music might also assist in breaking up the stillness if you have breaks, pauses, or polls.

You may get royalty-free music at Envato or Soundrangers, and you can customize the genre and pace to fit your needs.

Make sure to try out your video-conferencing software’s audio options.

3. Encourage involvement.

“Tell me, and I forget; educate me, and I may remember; include me and I learn,” according to a recent online meme.

While the meaning of the phrases is debatable, you may like the spirit. The most excellent strategy to keep your meeting participants glued to your event and discourage multitasking is to include them.

Use polls or word clouds to do this. Also, divide the group into small groups to debate and report on a particular issue. Make a competition out of it. It’s as simple as asking questions frequently.

Certainly maintaining scores, and presenting a reward (or simply a vocal recognition of genius) at the end will keep everyone interested throughout the meeting. Will this really inspire anyone? Yes!

For those of you who are overachievers, here’s a branding bonus tip.

Maintain a level of consistency.

This suggestion is for those crucial meetings. Like a presentation to a new customer or your team’s yearly kick-off. For when you want to stand out, and you want them to remember you.

Unlike the other suggestions, this one needs a budget, time, and resources to handle the logistics. It’s impractical for most ordinary meetings, such as the regular project update.

The goal is to provide everyone the same experience as if they were all in the same room, even though they are most likely working alone at an office or home.

Without recognizing it, one of the most critical aspects of our “everyone physically linked” meetings is the shared experience. When we’re all working separately, our settings are different. There are several things you can do to imitate participant consistency. Is this the way to inspire? Yes again!

To do this, send a package ahead of time, either by mail or by a delivery service, with items that will help the experience seem more coherent. You might include the following items in your kit:

  • A candle with a pleasant aroma.
    • We all know that scent is one of the most solid senses for recall.
  • A caring gift for the kitchen.
  • A card that will inspire.

Try something different and unique when you create it, like savory or sweet bagels from the cafe to wake things up for meetings in the morning.

Madeleine’s from St. Michael’s in Paris for a treat after lunch. Or a kit for a cocktail meal from your favorite courier for a special occasion.

It’s time to step up your meeting game. Make sure you know Meetings 101 first, and then step it up to allow your brand to shine.