Finding a career that you’re passionate about can be incredibly difficult
. In the world today, there are twice as many disengaged, unhappy workers than there are people who love their jobs.

There are so many factors that people worry about when looking for employment that they often lose sight of what truly matters. Some work their whole lives, and even excel at jobs that leave them unfulfilled.

Doing what you love is often overstated, but many don’t think about it as much as they should. You may be wondering what ‘choosing the right career’ entails, and how you’re supposed to feel once you’re doing it. To help you, here are four ways to know you’ve chosen the right job:

You Enjoy Coming In To Work

Every company has that one employee who comes into the office every day with a smile and a  positive attitude. No matter what’s going on in their personal life, they see their job as a pleasant escape, rather than a burden. They’re happy to do whatever task is assigned to them, and they never seem to sulk. They love attending meetings, and are always the first to give their insights and opinions. In the rare case that they make a mistake, they’re eager to correct and learn from it.

If this sounds like you, chances are you’re doing it right. Your mindset is the biggest influencer in whether or not you enjoy what you do. A negative attitude will get you nowhere in your career, so if you find yourself consistently in that mindset, maybe it’s time for a change. When you love your career, you have a desire to explore every opportunity, and master the skills required to do the job.

People who don’t enjoy their jobs simply put in their time and look for happiness when they clock out. But when you love your career, it becomes a part of your life, and you’re able to find happiness in all aspects of your life. Finding fulfillment at work is important since that’s where most people spend the bulk of their time.

You Enjoy Your Coworkers

If you’re in a career you’re passionate about, then chances are the majority of the people you work with carry that same torch for the industry. Employee culture is one of the biggest drivers of successful companies.

The chances of you being happy in a job where you don’t get along with coworkers is slim to none. An unharmonious balance among workers usually brings unwanted drama and misery, which can directly affect your feelings about the job. Unhealthy employee culture also doesn’t bode well for the overall productivity of your company, which can affect future opportunities for growth — another factor of career happiness.

If the bond between your coworkers is strong, you’re not only making your job more fun and fulfilling, but you’re also helping the company become more productive and profitable since there’s less tension and stress to hold you back. There’s also more incentive and encouragement to share your ideas. If everyone in your office feels comfortable giving their insight, it leads to more inventive and innovative ideas that can make your company (and your job) better.

You Enjoy Getting Ahead

Those who find no joy in their job coast through day-to-day putting in the minimum amount of work needed. They care only about keeping their job and the paycheck it provides, and they have an excuse for almost anything. Their apathy for the business not only affects their own work atmosphere, but the atmosphere of the workers around them as well.

If you truly enjoy your job, you’ll naturally want to be the best you can at it. You’ll take every opportunity you can to get more experience, and you constantly stay on top of industry news and trends. A truly happy employee wants to make as big an impact as possible at their company, and their competitiveness won’t let them stop until they reach their fullest potential.

If you enjoy getting ahead, and you prove it through hard work, the results are going to show. Not only will you feel more fulfilled in your career, but you could end up at the top of the company (or even own your own!) someday. If you have the passion and desire, while at the same time keeping your ego in check, you’ll reach a whole new level of appreciation and happiness in your job — and life!

You Don’t Need Money To Gauge Success

The people who only care about how much money they’re making are often the ones who feel the least fulfilled in their careers. If you make a solid salary, but constantly find problems in other important facets of your job — such as the actual work you’re doing, culture, and flexibility — then you’ll quickly lose interest and lose sight of what really matters.

Money is great and all, but if you’re truly happy in your job, you’ll find satisfaction in nearly everything. If you think about success in terms of gratification and fulfillment, your work will start to mean a lot more to you than simply a means to make a living; it will become a part of who you are and what makes you happy. Just look at comedian Don Rickles — his career has surpassed 55 years and it’s still going strong! Once you find your passion, you’ll never want to retire, since you couldn’t imagine yourself doing anything else.