How to Deal with a Difficult Boss

Workplace Success

You love your job. You have a great workplace with great coworkers. However, the only problem you have is your boss. Maybe he likes to put you in the corner in every meeting or he is too demanding or in general, he has a difficult personality to deal with. No matter what, this should not be the reason to give up and search for another job. Instead, you should learn how to work with your difficult boss and develop a strategy for it.

Below you can find tips for dealing with your difficult boss:

1. Always Be Professional: You should always treat your boss professionally at the workplace. Even if you don’t like him, you still need to respect him. Also, don’t forget that communicating your problems with your boss is the key to overcome controversies between you and him. When you are telling about your problems, stay calm, be polite and get ready to listen to any lectures or stories he may share with you.

2. Don’t Take It Personal: It is important to always maintain your professionalism and not to get emotional during discussions. Listen to your boss carefully and never become too angry. Also, don’t get offended if your boss criticizes you.  It is always best to keep calm and listen to his concerns before defending yourself. Remember the tables will turn and you will have a chance to express yourself as well. However, do this in a polite, calm and professional manner.

3. Document Everything: Whenever you are in a meeting with your boss, write down the important topics you have discussed and the tasks he assigned you with their deadlines. After the meeting, arrange these and send this meeting minutes to him so you can both be clear about expectations. It is important to send this within the same day when the conversation is still fresh. If you let it sit on your desk until tomorrow or another day, things may change and the conversation may lose its timeliness.

4. Make the Most of Your Day: Always do your best work. Never let the confrontation between you and your boss affect your work and productivity. If you deliver great results, others in your team or department will notice this and will be on your side to protect you if the matter between you and your boss becomes too serious. If you want people that you can rely on around yourself, you should always put your best work onto the table.