5 Employers That Should Be On Every Recent Graduate’s Radar

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When you work for a company that is growing, innovative and full of passionate individuals, you are much more apt to have a successful, fulfilling career.

Conversely, when you accept a job at a firm that isn’t run properly, you are bound to have your creativity handcuffed by bureaucratic management and be surrounded by unhappy, unambitious individuals.

Needless to say, for recent college graduates it is of the utmost importance to locate the firms that have winning attitudes, provide ample career growth and possess strong, determined leaders.

While these organizations are in abundance, they rarely exist in the industries that young job seekers deem to be “sexy,” interesting or lucrative. Thus, many of these companies aren’t on the radar of today’s generation. However, they should be.

Below, entry-level job seekers will find a list of 5 companies that they may not have heard of, but that will provide the positive career trajectory and the forward-thinking atmosphere that many actively seek.

1. Illumnia

For those interested in the general healthcare and/or genetics space, there is arguably no company more innovative than Illumnia.

Headquartered in San Diego (with a global presence), Illumnia is changing the way scientists analyze and treat disease by allowing them to gather, process, and examine our genetic information. For example, their technology aims to answer questions such as why some individuals are more prone to diabetes or why some people respond better to cancer medications.

Internally, the firm preaches leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship which make it a highly viable career option for any recent graduate.

In the past year, Illumnia’s stock (NASDAQ: ILMN) has nearly tripled and their dedication to changing the way we treat disease will only fuel continued growth. To learn more about the firm, their open positions and hiring philosophies, job seekers can view Illumnia’s careers page here.

2. Cemex USA

Founded in Mexico in 1906, Cemex is a global building materials company that provides high quality products and reliable services to companies throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

On the surface, cement, concrete and building material services may not seem sexy, however Cemex is fundamentally more sound to provide a recent college graduate with a forward moving, sustainable career than 99% of firms currently doing business in the United States today.

The organization is traded publicly on the NYSE under the symbol CX and, in the past year has risen from $8.78 to a 52 week high of just shy of $14 a share. Needless to say, the firm has the financial clout to provide career avenues which will quickly pay off student loans.

You can find additional information regarding their entry-level hiring programs and email a HR representative directly here.

3. Coyote Logistics

A simple visit to their website shows that Coyote is not your typical logistics firm. Founded in 2006, the Chicago based organization brings an appealing feel to an industry that recent graduates often consider bland and uninteresting.

Their innovative branding and approach to logistics has won them honors such as being #1 on the Chicago Tribune Top Workplaces list, #1 on Crain’s Chicago Business Fast Fifty list, as well as Co-founder Jeff Silver being Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year–Midwest.

Find additional career information on Coyote here.

4. Juniper Networks

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, Juniper Networks is, as the name hints, a leader in network infrastructure.

Boasting some of the most sought after clients in sectors including finance, education, healthcare, energy and utilities, Juniper continues to grow and provide career opportunities that warrant serious consideration from recent graduates who wish to align themselves with a forward-thinking, innovative firm.

For its employees, the tech leader goes out of its way to create an atmosphere that encourages creativity and favors those with a strong work ethic.

5. Aercap

With offices in Southern Florida, Los Angeles and Seattle, Aercap is a billion dollar company that heavily influences the way we travel, though the company is relatively unknown to many entry-level job seekers.

With a top-tier client list including Air China, Air France, British Airways and American Airlines, Aercap leases fuel-efficient, high-demand aircraft to some of the world’s most well-known airlines.

The company also provides aircraft management services and performs aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services, as well as aircraft disassemblies through its subsidiary AeroTurbine.

Over the past two years, Aercap’s stock (NYSE: AER) has tripled in price and further established them as a clear-cut leader in their space. Moreover, strong management and an innovative corporate culture make Aercap a viable recruitment option to recent college graduates. You can view their career page here.

Above all, it’s imperative to find a company that preaches innovation, absolute integrity, respect for individual initiative and personal growth. When you judge a potential employer based on leadership rather than industry, you set yourself up for success, advancement and overall happiness.