5 Tips for Landing More Sales Through Cold Calling

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Cold calling can seem overwhelming and scary. When you’re just picking up the phone and calling someone out of the blue, it can be a challenge to make a connection and land a sale. With the high chance of rejection, it can feel like there is no point to even trying. If you don’t have any experience cold calling, it can seem even more difficult.

However, cold calling doesn’t need to be scary, and it can be incredibly efficient for growing your business. With the right tips and practice, you can convince just about anyone to make a purchase — even without a warm introduction. If you’re looking for ways to improve your cold calling strategy, here are a few tips you should try out.

  1. Do Your Research

If you’re simply going through a list of names and phone numbers and making calls, the person on the other end is going to notice. Delivering the same message to each potential customer is lazy and inefficient. If you’re unable to make a genuine connection, you have no hope of convincing your potential customer to buy.

Before you get on the phone, do your research about the person you’re contacting. Know who they are, why they may be interested in your products or services and what problems they may be dealing with on a daily basis that you can help solve. While research may take a bit more time to complete, it can help you close more sales by making each call more personal.

  1. Mentally Prepare

When the other person picks up the phone, you need to be ready to sell. If you’re not mentally prepared to persuade them into buying, you’re likely to waste time trying to build momentum. The more time you waste on the phone, the more frustrated your prospect is going to become. If they hang up before you can end your pitch, you’re not going to get new customers.

Take time to focus and go through your checklist before you dial your next customer’s number. Think about what you’re going to say, the points you want to cover and how you’re going to deliver your pitch. When you’re ready to be charming, persuasive and helpful, you can improve your chances of getting a “yes.”

  1. Prepare to Sell Yourself

If you’ve made cold calls in the past, you know many people can be skeptical about making a purchase. There are a lot of scams out there, and potential clients are understandably wary about whether or not someone is legit. To increase your number of customers from cold calls, you need to be prepared to answer questions about yourself and prove your worth.

Study all your materials before you pick up the phone. Make a list of potential questions a customer may ask, and come up with bullet points you’d like to cover if you need to answer that question. Having the right tools in front of you during your call can ensure you’re prepared and confident.

  1. Maintain Positive Body Language

When making cold calls, the person on the other end won’t be able to see you. However, if you maintain positive body language, your self-assurance will come through in your voice. Conversely, if you’re stressed or on edge, that will create an audible tension as well. If you’re relaxed, smiling and comfortable, you’ll seem more confident on the phone.

Though the person on the other end won’t be able to see your body language, speak naturally, as if they’re sitting across from you. Maintain a smile throughout the entire conversation. If you feel more confident speaking while standing up, do your cold calls while standing at your desk or walking around.

  1. Prepare for Rejection

Cold calls can be nerve-wracking due to the fear of rejection. Unfortunately, rejection is a normal part of making cold calls. When you can get over the fear of hearing a “no” and accept that some people aren’t going to be interested in your products or services, you can become more comfortable with making phone calls.

Keep a log of all your calls and the outcomes of each. This will give you a better understanding of how many “nos” and “yeses” you’re getting. Once you better understand the ratio of how your calls are working, you’ll know how many calls you need to make to see real results. You can also see that life goes on, even if a few potential customers turn you down.

It’s natural to feel a bit intimidated from cold calling. However, the more cold calls you make, the more used to the process you’ll become. When you properly prepare and rehearse your pitch, you can feel more confident to pick up the phone and make your cold calls. With these five tips, you’ll become a cold-calling pro in no time!