podcast grow your brand

It seems like everybody has a podcast these days. That’s because there are currently over 4.1 million of them, and 77% of Americans have listened to them. They are a booming business, and they only project to get bigger. There are podcasts for nearly any subject or interest you can think of, from sports to news, to little niche topics like home decluttering. Without a doubt, there are podcasts related to your industry, and podcasts that your target audience is likely listening to.

It can be beneficial for you to appear on podcasts as a guest or as a sponsor. You can reach a new audience, and connect with them in ways that weren’t available to you in the past. Not only that, but you can be available to listeners around the clock, even when your business is closed for the day. On top of that, podcasts are easily digested. You have to sit and read content on your website or blog. However, people listen to podcasts while driving, mowing the lawn, washing the dishes, or puttering around the house. Here are 5 ways that podcasts can grow your brand.

Focus On Being An Authority

Remember that being a guest on a podcast, unless it’s a hugely popular one, won’t bring you a ton of sales right away. What you want is to be consistently showing up on podcasts that your audience will most likely listen to. Over the long term, you’ll start to see the benefits, but only if you’re informative and entertaining. That’s why people listen to podcasts. They don’t download a podcast because the featured guest might sell them something. They download a podcast because they might learn something, have a laugh, or be entertained in some way. If you accomplish that, and they hear you on podcasts on a regular basis, then you will start to bring in sales.

Consistency Is Key

To the previous point, you must be consistent. Most likely, you aren’t going to get on a podcast with millions of listeners. Therefore, you have to be on several podcasts that will add up to a big audience. The more you’re in the ears of your audience, the better. If there’s a niche of podcasts that your target is listening to, then you should appear on all the popular podcasts within that niche. For instance, if you sell a product that is aimed at men, then you can target sports and fantasy sports podcasts. That consistency will cement your brand in the minds of your audience. However, as a guest, you don’t want to look foolish, so do your research.

Choose the Right Podcasts

This is the tricky part. It might be hard to find podcasts that are in your industry, or ones that are relevant to your audience. You don’t want to waste your time on podcasts that won’t help you. You can try to research and listen on your own, but that can get tedious and tiresome. By using a podcast booking agency, you can be booked on relevant podcasts several times a month. They do all of the research for you, so all you have to do is get in front of a mic at the scheduled time.

Invite Listeners To Learn More

If you don’t tell people what you do, then they won’t be able to visit your website to buy something from you. Most often the host will ask at the end for you to plug your website and social media accounts. However, when they do, you can’t give the listeners a sales pitch. They will hit the fast-forward button to skip ahead or turn off the podcast. Inviting them to learn more about you or your business is key. If they want more information, they will go to your website, where you will have killer sales copy waiting for them. When you get the opportunity, you have to have a clear and concise call to action, so that there’s no doubt about what you want them to do.

Make Your Own Podcast

The other thing you can do other than be a guest on a podcast is to create your own. That is a great way to be consistently in the ears of your audience. You will have to learn the basics of SEO and build up your listeners over time. Be patient. In the early days, you may not have many listeners, but by producing quality content the people will come. Of course, one of the ways to have good content is to have good guests. Invite people who will be relevant to your guests. It’s good to invite other podcasters on since they will in turn invite you on their program. If you scratch their back, they’ll scratch yours.

Podcasts are a great way to build your brand, but you have to think long-term. They aren’t a quick path to riches and fame. However, if you are patient and consistent you will get a great return on your investment that will only improve over time.