Often, the reason people do or don’t get a job offer rests on their ability to properly prepare for an interview. Interviewing prep does take work as does applying for a job as well as meeting with the employers.  Therefore, you might as well make the time productive.

How to Prepare for an Interview

Try these preparations for your next interview and you will see a huge difference during the interview as well as the feedback you receive following the meeting.

1. Take two hours and go over the website.

Any ambitious employee reads their website frequently and knows the ins and outs of their employer’s product.  Not only will a company’s website tell you about their products and services, it will also inform you how they market themselves to their clients and, thus give you an idea as to how you should market yourself when interviewing with the organization.

2. Write down your career goals prior to interviewing.

If we don’t set firm goals for ourselves, we’re going to achieve a fraction of what we’re capable of. The best people as well as the best companies set firm goals and take the actions needed to achieve those goals.  The relentless pursue their dreams even in the face of heavy adversity.

3. Write down 5 of your achievements.

Often, we mull over our failures too much even though this type of thinking makes us forget about all that we’ve done correctly. When we can list what we’ve accomplished as well as the positive traits that we have, reality becomes much more lucid and we become much more confident.

4. Think of a difficulty you’ve overcome and what you learned from the situation.

Companies like people who are resilient and while many of us are, many of us have a distorted perception as to the extent of our ability to bounce back.
When the best managers hire, they look for applicants who have dealt with adversity and have bounced back to become even more successful.

5. Envision success.

Take some time and actually envision a successful interview and the results it will bring. Go in with the attitude that you are going to get the job. Be positive. Think to yourself: “What type of positive impact will getting this job bring to your career?
If you’re going to take the time to apply and interview for a job, you might as well make the time to properly prepare for it. We must use each hour wisely and, therefore be able to set aside the necessary time to ensure that we come across as positive, forward thinking, intelligent and ambitious prospective employees.