Once upon a time….

You have been looking for a new job for months and you just landed an interview with a great company doing something you love.

On the day of the interview you put on your best business attire and head out the door – you look like a true professional.

On the drive to the interview you listen to some music you like to calm yourself or pump yourself up – whatever floats your boat.

You pull into the parking lot feeling excited and walk into the lobby feeling confident, cool and collected.

You walk up to the receptionist and pronounce your name clearly. You let the receptionist know you are here for an interview with Ms. I’m Hiring.

As you sit in the lobby you keep telling yourself that this job is yours for the taking and before you know it Ms. I’m Hiring walks into the lobby and calls your name.

You and Ms. I’m hiring walk to the corner office and you sit down ready to kick off a great interview.

The interview goes great – you have good business and personal rapport going with Ms. I’m Hiring and Ms. I’m Hiring can tell you have done your research on the company.

Everything seems like a fit and you have clearly expressed your desire for the job and Ms. I’m Hiring believes that you are a good candidate for the position. Ms. I’m Hiring ends the interview by saying you will know who received the job within a few days.

Ms. I’m Hiring heads back to the corner office feeling good about the candidates she has interviewed but realizes she has a very tough decision on her hands.

Ms. I’m Hiring reviews her notes from the all the interviews and has identified the top three candidates for the position – you are one of the candidates.

Ms. I’m Hiring reviews the top three resumes and they are equally good. She reviews the work experience for the top candidates and they are all equally qualified. She goes over each interview with the top three candidates and they were all equally good as well.

Feeling stressed Ms. I’m Hiring decides to leave the office and go home for an early evening jog to think things over – after all the weather is beautiful outside. She gets back from her jog and she still has not made a decision – the candidates are all so good.

Just before bed Ms. I’m Hiring decides to Google the candidates to see what she finds on the top three candidates.

She enters candidate number one’s name and finds nothing.

She enters candidate number two’s name and finds nothing.

She enters your name and finds your professional blog and personal website.

She reads some of your posts and really likes your creativity and ideas.

Ms. I’m Hiring closes her laptop, goes to bed and sleeps peacefully.

The next day you receive a phone call and Ms. I’m Hiring says – you are hired – I really enjoyed your blog. When can you start?

You say today.