Achieved Your Goal? Reach for More

shutterstock_134742296There are certain truths about successful people. The first is that they’re always learning. The second is that they’re always reaching for more. Not in a greedy way, but in a desire to reach their potential and live a fulfilled life. They understand that the attainment of a goal isn’t the end of the road. There is always more to see, do and be. Here are a few tips to stretching yourself to go beyond what you thought was possible.

1) Identify areas that you’re in a rut or feel restless and discontent. Reaching a goal is a great feat, but sustaining it can result in feeling settled and unchallenged.

2) Set the next goal above and beyond. Maybe you don’t feel settled at reaching your goal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t push further. Having reached your goal, identify the next level to strive for. For example, can you move up further in your career or set higher sales goals in your business?

3) Determine the tasks required to move you beyond your rut to reach the next goal. Do you need to continue what you did before or do something else?

4) Fit your new goal and tasks into your daily schedule. If you’ve already achieved some goals, you know that they don’t come to fruition on their own. It takes action to make them a reality.

5) Watch yourself grow and achieve more than you initially thought.

There is a saying that success in life is a journey not a destination, and it’s true. You should feel proud at achieving your goals, but you should never stop and rest on your laurels. Always be learning and reaching to do and be more.