It is highly unlikely for anyone to be consistently perfect. And this is the number one reason we need to forgive errors of other people and equally important is to forgive ourselves. The improved approach is to learn from what went wrong to move past.

The Problem

Sometimes people provide angry responses toward others when they make an error. But showing anger serves no one well.

One example was an email distributed twice due to an error made the first time. A recipient threatened the sender by email that to show how they are connected or he would contact the FTC. A friendly return email reminded the man of their social media connection. One further action was taken to wish him a happy new year!

On the job and in business, the ability to look past unintentional errors and offering help is the smartest strategy of all. People appreciate the goodwill attitude, and even more the offer to help fix what went wrong.

The law of attraction says what you put out into the world comes back. Stories recently shared show this to be true. One semi-humorous story was of a man being nasty to a woman who happened to be in his way. He was late for an important appointment and stressed. So instead of being polite, he said something rude.

Thirty minutes later, you guessed it; the same woman walked into his office for their appointment. The meeting began on a bad footing and went downhill from there.

Positive Attitude

Everyday life in public suggests a positive attitude is required. Your attitude, negative or positive, is attached to your personal brand and affects your reputation. Another factor to consider is containment of stress. Those clued into reading body language and facial expressions can instantly spot stress. The problem with allowing stress to take over is that it will kill any chance of getting a sale or a new job. The reason stress kills opportunity is that your buyer or hiring manager believe you are only there for the money versus being there to be of service. It’s a rare human being who is happy 100% of the time or believes everything in their path is perfect. But those who succeed use these strategies to improve their outcomes:

* Learn from errors

* Persevere to try again

* Reframe negative thought into positive

* Ask questions and listen to answers to gain the perspectives of others

* Exercise before appointments to increase adrenaline and positive thought

These five actions increase energy flow on multiple levels for the result of reducing worry. Stress fades away due to embracing a more positive attitude. As one walks into appointments, a smile welcomes an in-depth conversation.

Whenever a change of any type occurs, errors are bound to happen. The first person to forgive is yourself. Once comfortable with reconciling the mistake, it becomes far easier to forgive the errors of others.

Sales Tips:

1. Forgive your errors.

2. Allow errors of others to go or help fix.

3. Be polite with everyone, even when difficult.

4. Offer help whenever possible.

5. Train yourself to convert negative thought into positive.

6. Smile more.

7. Listen more.

8. Willingly exchange perspectives.

9. Continue to persevere.

10. Celebrate Success!