Attract More Website Visitors for Your Personal Brand

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A professional website presence that reflects your brand is the start to showcasing what you have to offer. Engaging in social media and posting content on other sites is important as well – but, the goal is to have a web design that will bring visitors back again and again.  Social media, guest posts, everything else should bring traffic back ‘home’.

What type of site attracts attention?

A website that garners attention is fresh, informative, simple, and connected to social media. And it takes just a few seconds for someone to decide whether to stay or leave based on their initial impression of your landing page.

An eye-catching and inviting web design is your personal brand’s calling card where everything else funnels from. Whether you are redesigning or starting from scratch there are a few key strategies to think about.

Creating a Winning Website for Your Personal Brand

Here are several ways you can effectively build a stand-out website for your personal brand.

Carefully choose a designer and developer – Think of your website as a part of your personal brand’s reputation. It pays to do research and check out projects and portfolios of potential web designers and developers. Find out about their communication process, turnaround time, and who their creative team is for the best outcome.

Carefully choose your domain name – One of the biggest visibility issues on search is a hard to follow or understand URL. Your domain should clearly convey what your brand is about, and should be consistent on all of your active social media channels.

It’s all about the platform – Whether your business is first starting out with a website or redesigning an existing one, consider a highly customizable builder like WordPress or Wix for a more professional look. There are many built-in features and options available for each, which cuts both time and cost for your budget.

Keep it mobile – The future of search, purchases, and information is done more and more on smart phones and tablets. There are many templates and plugins available from website developers that will help you create a landing page that instantly transforms in a snap.

Upgrading or creating a professional website for your personal brand does not have to be time-consuming or expensive with the many tools available today. When choosing a firm to work with be sure they have a thorough knowledge of not just design, but also social media and search engine marketing with excellent references from previous clients.