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    Inside Fortune 500: Personal Branding Interview With Sears CMO

    Like many of today’s professionals, Sears has been through good times and bad. Unlike the Google, Groupon and Facebook’s of the world, Sears has weathered the storm for over 150 years. Integrating brand history, today’s consumers and the hottest technology gives the CMO a unique perspective that I wanted to understand better.

    Meet Bill Kiss. …

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    Real Salaries of 2011: What to Expect in 2012

    Considering a new career? Before you jump into a new industry or profession, read this. From personal chefs to commercial pilots, corrections officers and celebrity realtors, here’s what they actually made last year.

    Personal chefs to plastic surgeons

    Allison, a PA-based personal chef, $55,000 Angela, Social Media Manager, $42,000 AnneMarie, Newspaper Reporter, $26,000 Cindy, Elementary …

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    Google vs. Facebook Mark: Google Loses the Battle

    Social media’s space has become so crowded that CNBC now has a Social Media stock analyst whose entire specialty are the social media stocks. Groupon, LinkedIn, Google and the closely watched upcoming Facebook IPO including commentary on its pre-IPO private market performance.

    Goliath Google launches +

    Google launched it’s own social network, Google+, in July …

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    Executive Recruiting Secrets: My Interview with MVP Recruiters CEO

    Are you tired of reading how to revise and refresh your resume? I’m tired of writing and speaking about resume and interview tips too! That’s what inspired me to go in search of how to really get you, today’s job seeker, in front of recruiters and hiring managers. What advice do these hard to reach …

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    Expand Your Brand Like Michael Jackson

    Have you seen Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” movie? What an inside view into the artist that Michael Jackson truly was on, and off, stage. Before I saw this movie, again recently on TV, I was blind to the deep talent Jackson held.

    Group to solo artist

    In ’77, after 14 years and 14 albums …

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    Occupy Your Brand: Capture The Right Attention

    What started in New York as a demonstration against Wall Street has become an international protest movement primarily directed against social and economic inequality. I’ve had the honor of getting up close and personal with protesters in New York, Chicago and Denver – all of whom I found to be non-violent and simply attempting to …

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    Ayoung-Chee Wins Project Runway Because of Personal Branding

    Season 9 of Project Runway may be the first time anyone, including the famous Tim Gunn himself, has seen his infamous words “make it work” taken so seriously. The stylist, from Trinidad, that scored the most shocking win in Project Runway history, Anya Ayoung-Chee, had no garments constructed when Gunn visited her hometown studio a …

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    4th Quarter Job Search Success Tips

    Fall brings crisp leaves, apple cider, kids in costumes, families around holiday tables and a drop in job search. For some reason all these things are great except that last one. Why is it that job seekers, both employed and unemployed, relax their search efforts during the 4th Quarter?

    Regardless of the reason why, here …

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    The Most Overrated Jobs of 2011

    Earlier this month I blogged about 5 recession-resistant careers that were each part of CareerCast’s Most Underrated Jobs of 2011. When CareerCast caught wind of my blog, they offered the chance to interview Tony Lee, publisher of CareerCast when they released their newest list, The Most Overrated Jobs of 2011.  The Top 5 Most Overrated …

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    Career Branding Tips Courtesy of Steve Jobs

    When Steve Jobs created Apple, he launched more than just a technology company. Jobs began one of the most innovative organizations in the world; one that would inspire what many refer to as a “cult-like” following of consumers that fell in love with the technology, design, and functionality of Apple’s products.

    Take a closer look …

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