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    The Unexpected Entrepreneur: Inspiring Lessons From Boy With Down Syndrome

    Working Together Live Conference

    Successful entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes…but this may be the most surprising one you’ve ever seen.

    A 5-year old boy with Down syndrome, Jackson Horn, has been inspiring and teaching business owners across the world for most of his life.

    His message has been shared on stage in 3 continents, and with tens …

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    7 Tips For Building Your First Viral Campaign

    Creating a marketing campaign that “goes viral” is the goal of every marketer.

    What is the secret to creating a campaign that is going to “go viral?”

    The answer is complicated.

    In fact, it’s almost impossible to predict what campaigns will go viral, and which ones will flounder. That said, there are some steps you …

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    5 Branding Lessons from The Sex Pistols

    What does the group Sex Pistols and branding have in common?

    You might be tempted to answer, nothing, but in fact, the Sex Pistols were revolutionary, not only in the music industry, but also in the way they utilized branding to improve their reach as rock stars.

    The Sex Pistols were a punk rock band …

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    10 Common Personal Branding Mistakes to Avoid

    For many people, especially creative types and those involved in business, building a personal brand is one of the most important steps towards success. This is also something that is never “finished.”

    Building a personal brand is on ongoing project that can easily eat into your work time—if you let it.

    However, it is possible …

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    5 Tips to Make the Right 1st Impression

    No matter what you are doing, as an entrepreneur, you are networking for the company you created. For that reason, you have to learn how to make a good first impression. You never know when the person you are talking to will be your next client or your next major contract.

    Here are five tips …

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    The 7 Real Reasons You Need to Be an Expert at Something

    Employing authority marketing as a strategy to grow your brand and increase your reach as a business has many benefits.

    Authority marketing, which could also be referred to as expert marketing, simply means that you become known as an expert within your field. Most of the time, the process involves you helping customers overcome a …

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    Focus on Branding YOU… Not Your Company

    Branding yourself as an individual, or branding your company, can feel like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of great ways you can start growing a brand, even if you aren’t sure where to start or you haven’t done it before.

    It’s often easier to brand yourself as opposed …

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    How Authority Marketing Can Fast Forward Your Business

    Before expounding on the benefits of authority marketing and how it can take your business to the next level, it is important to understand the definition of concept. Although marketing professionals do not agree on any one particular definition, the following is a serviceable explanation of authority marketing:

    Authority marketing is leveraging your knowledge and …

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    Don’t Make These 5 Common New Entrepreneur Mistakes

    Today, the world seems to be filled with bright, creative people who want to make a name for themselves. If you are ready to branch out as an entrepreneur to bring your great idea to light, start on the right foot by learning from those who have gone before.

    These five mistakes are common with …

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    Quickly Publish on Kindle to Improve Personal Brand

    The popularity of e-readers and devices like Nook and Kindle have made it easier than ever to publish a book. What once took months, even years to accomplish, now can be done in just a matter of weeks, or even days.

    In addition to the (undeniable) thrill of seeing your name on the title page, …

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