Pointing at You photo from ShutterstockBranding yourself as an individual, or branding your company, can feel like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of great ways you can start growing a brand, even if you aren’t sure where to start or you haven’t done it before.

It’s often easier to brand yourself as opposed to branding a company, so you may want to start with getting people to know who you are. Once they recognize your name, they’ll be more likely to pay attention to what you do – and that includes creating and/or branding a company.

You Need to be an Expert

If you’re not an expert at anything, it’s time to get started. When you really know a specific area of your field thoroughly, you have the opportunity to showcase that knowledge. It can bring you customers and clients, and can generate a buzz about you and your industry. Don’t just pick what’s easy, though.

Find a niche that’s unique and that’s also highly related to your industry. If you don’t brand yourself properly, you won’t really see any benefit from it. That can have the opposite effect when you’re trying to establish a brand and make sure people know your name.

As you start to become known as an expert on a particular thing, people will seek you out for interviews, information, and advice. That will help get your knowledge and name into the minds of the people who hear the interviews, making that opportunity a highly valuable one.

The more interviews you can get, the farther your reach will likely expand and the more people will be interested in what you know and what you have to say. Over time, you’ll become known as the “go to” person for a particular aspect of your industry.

You Can be an Official Source for Information

Being sought out because of your expertise is a great way to build your brand, but there’s more to the big picture than waiting for people to come to you. Instead of being passive about it, a more active approach should be taken. If you want to be a good source for information, you need to know your customers. Find out about them, and learn what they watch and read.

What they comment on and have strong opinions about should matter to you. As you read magazines and other documents that have importance to your customers, or as you see programs that they would be interested in, you or your publicist can send out information to the people who created those stories.

Let them know that you’re interested in making comments on or being used as a source for future stories on that topic. Tell them of your expert status and the information you can provide. While that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be contacted the next time that topic comes up, it certainly gives you a better chance because the journalist knows your name and what you have to offer.

When you do get interviewed, the byline you’ll get is a chance to promote yourself and/or your company. Don’t waste that opportunity, but make sure you answer the question(s) asked of you, and don’t just talk about yourself of what your company can do. In being a source, it’s important you don’t try to use the time as an advertisement for your company.

Make it Easy for People to Find You

Any individual or company that brands itself well is going to be sought after, which is exactly what you’re looking for. However, if you can’t easily be found, potential clients and customers will quickly give up and move on to someone else. You need a presence, and that should be more than a blurb and a contact link on your company’s website.

By creating a blog or a website with your own name, people can find you much more easily. Then you can link that site to your online profiles on social media sites like Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. You should show up first in search results for your name, and if you can make your sites and media presence the top several results, that’s even better.

When people don’t have to struggle to locate you online, and when they have easy and efficient ways to contact you, they’re going to be more likely to reach out for what they need. They may want to use you as an expert for an article they’re writing, or they may want to purchase something from your company.

No matter what their end goal is, your end goal should always be to make yourself knowledgeable and accessible in your field and industry. The more thoroughly you do that, the higher chances you’ll have of seeing overall success with your branding campaign.