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Brand Haters

Brands! Embrace Your Haters

Brands face an unprecedented challenge – the need to be liked by everyone. The pressure to please a diverse and opinionated audience has led many advertisers to play it safe, creating bland and forgettable campaigns. But what if I told you that having haters can be a positive thing? In this article, we will explore …

NFL Season Script

The NFL’s Season Script: Who Will Win?

The National Football League (NFL) has always been surrounded by rumors and speculation, with fans often questioning the authenticity of its games. Earlier this year, former NFL player Arian Foster claimed that the league was scripted, sparking a wave of memes and conspiracy theories. This prompted the creative minds at 72andSunny, an advertising agency, to …

person writing on paper with iphone in front of them; branches of business management
Career DevelopmentPersonal Branding

Are You Considering Taking a Course in Business Management?

Business management encompasses a wide range of fields and occupations, despite common misconceptions to the contrary. This article will help you learn the differences between the different branches of business management and the value each brings to a company, whether you want to enter the field, establish your firm, or improve your personal branding.

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