Author: Mary van de Wiel

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Stimulate your Brain. Challenge your Brand.

We’re living in a staggeringly fast-moving world, and it’s only getting faster. There’s one thing that’s certain. In the world of personal brand building, the most significant piece is that irresistible spark of yours that stops people in their tracks. Without it, you’re invisible – a Dead Brand Walking.

It’s a tough trap. It’s never …

Brand Yourself AsCareer DevelopmentPersonal BrandingSuccess Strategies

Brand Review, Anyone?… (Before Ringing in the New Year?)

You’re counting the days. You’re doing things like taking stock, assessing your life, re-evaluating what you’ve accomplished in the last twelve months, and of course, you’re determined to make 2011 the best year ever. Yes/No?!

Hurrah. So let me pose two questions: (1) Is taking an Unofficial Review of your Personal Brand on your To …

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How to Create an Intuitively Desirable Brand

There’s a  reason I’m on the radio every week talking about brands. It’s because I’m interested in looking at what makes brands tick, what gives a brand that irresistible spark that attracts business like crazy, and why one brand nails it while others fail.

Finding the clues

One of the most exhilarating aspects of working …

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Great Interviews Start with One Thing: A Great Handshake

All great brands prefer making a first good impression. It just makes everything else that follows so much easier. What’s more, it’s a smart strategy. Take that handshake of yours, for example. It’s part of your personal brand’s body language. Not unlike your fingerprint, your handshake is unique, highly individualistic and without question, will make …