Author: Mary van de Wiel

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Understanding Interviews: A Playbook for WOW Power

I love speaking to graduating students. It’s thrilling but there’s always the same poignant and pressing question in the Q&A session: “With so much competition out there, how do I make myself stand out and land that job?”

Best visual storyteller

My best answer? It’s about Wow Power. Go out and be the best visual …

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How to Cultivate your Creative Juices

The tagline for TED, Ideas Worth Spreading, is a brilliant one. Simple and inspiring. So that’s what I’m doing here. I can’t resist spreading the word about creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson whose TED talk is about the learning process, and the need for an educational revolution. His focus? How to create conditions where kids’ …

Brand Yourself AsPersonal BrandingSuccess Strategies

Is Your Personal Brand Getting a Standing Ovation?

“Engage me. Make me fall in love with you.” That’s Julie Greenwald, chairwoman & CEO of the Atlantic Records Group, talking to Adam Bryant about the way she hires. The interview appeared in the Corner Office, one of my favorite columns in The New York Times Sunday’s Business Section. What’s more, when Greenwald is interviewing …