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    The Existential Laws of Leadership

    Soren Kierkegaard’s “Attack Upon Christendom” is not an attack on his beloved Christianity per se, but rather an indictment of how the Church of Denmark had diluted and trivialized what it meant to be a Christian.

    According to Kierkegaard, the State’s approach to institutional worship had commoditized faith and done damage to what he felt …

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    How To Turn A Meaningless Job Into A Meaningful Career

    People who work just to get a paycheck usually think of their occupation as a job.

    People who love what they do for a living often consider their occupation a career.

    Jobs are what you do to pay for college; careers are what you do after you graduate.

    It is easy to dismiss a job …

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    Monster 12 for 2012

    Follow These Top HR & Recruiting Bloggers

    One of the biggest digital developments in 2011 was the shift from creating and launching a social media strategy to actually having to manage it – and report results.

    And if there’s a lesson from this year, it’s that these numbers rarely reflect the actual impact – and …

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    Social Recruiting on Facebook


    [Disclosure: Monster owns BeKnown]

    People that are outside of recruiting should understand there is more to recruiting on Facebook than background checks.

    In fact, I posted a link to my Facebook a few days about why employers shouldn’t use social for background checks (getting increased scrutiny in Washington for one), but the short answer …

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    Personal Branding Secrets for Gen Y Workers

    Trying to get hired?  I wish there was some advice I could give you, but the thing is, there’s still no right or wrong way for Gen Y to align themselves with the traditional hiring process.

    We’re entering the job market at an interesting time, forced to deal with the dual forces of recessionary realities …

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    Attracting and Retaining Talent Through Choice Management

    Quite often, many of my thoughts are accompanied by song lyrics that I’ve heard over the years.

    The two that come to mind when I think about the concept of choice are the following:

    “I hate this supermarket

    But I have to say it makes me think

    A hundred mineral waters

    It’s fun to guess …

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    3 Considerations When Embarking on A New Path

    After several years at a job, it’s common for people to contemplate a new position within their organization, leave the company for something new or even strike out on their own to try their hand in an entrepreneurial stint.

    The reasons for their changes often include dissatisfaction with the current organizational culture, lack of promotion, …

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    Veteran Careers: Top 5 Jobs For Ex-Military Personnel

    The US military is arguably the best-trained workforce in the world, and personnel who leave military service have skills that translate to virtually any career.

    Here’s a look at five popular jobs that give the men and women who’ve served our country an opportunity to make a difference and move up.

    1. Information Technology Specialist…
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    Communicating Your Way To Higher Employee Engagement

    It has been said the strongest relationships are built on a foundation of communication.  As such, it should come as no surprise HR Solutions’ Research Institute has found a strong positive correlation between communication and employee engagement.

    When managers establish a culture of open and honest dialogue among their team members, the percentage of ‘actively …

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    Mario Batali: The 3 Ingredients for Cooking Up A Great Candidate Experience

    As the Global Director of Talent Acquisition for Monster, I know cooking up an ‘al dente’ candidate experience isn’t always easy.

    Like so many of my colleagues in this industry, our talent organization is evolving to do more work with less resources, a reality compounded by the fact that our biggest challenge isn’t applicant flow …

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