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ncorporate Customer Feedback Into Your Business Strategy
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How to Incorporate Customer Feedback Into Your Business Strategy

Loyal customers can grow a successful business much faster than sales or marketing. However, if we don’t ask for customer feedback, we will never understand what drives customers satisfaction. And as a result, it will be impossible to create customer loyalty.

There are different methods to help boost customer feedback for any type of business …

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3 Ways to Promote Your Local Business and Personal Brand Through Community Programs

Locally owned small businesses offer their communities various, undeniable benefits when compared to the large chains and super stores, as you know. Your business likely puts some of its profits right back into your community, too – you generate jobs and tend to provide better wages, and greater flexibility and working conditions that larger companies …

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Can Ghostwriting Boost My Personal Brand?

The demand for online content continues to grow. Econsultancy reports that increasing online content is a top priority for both business-to-consumer and business-to-business companies in 2016, with a specific rise in native content. This opens up opportunities for writers from all industries to find work – and for that writing to help build personal brands.…

Social Media Branding to attract new clients
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Beyond Facebook: 3 Social Apps to Promote Yourself

The business of branding yourself almost always includes a social media strategy. The benefits of having a strong business presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are well documented, and will expand your personal brand. Those aren’t the only places you can promote yourself successfully in social media circles, though. By expanding beyond the “big three” …