Blogging For Your Brand: 3 Factors To Consider

Personal Branding

In September 2010, I wrote about the benefits of leveraging a blog for your personal brand. Going into 2012, it still remains to be a great way to shape and promote your brand online. The benefits gained from blogging can lead to great success, whether it’s to securing a job or becoming an expert in your field. Yet,what happens when your traffic begins to decline, your posts lack comments, or your content isn’t being shared?

If you’re an avid blogger or looking to begin, consider thinking about these three factors that could lead your blog to an untimely end.

Making your blog a diary. A great personal brand will tread the line between professional and personable – and the rule holds true for blogging. Your content should definitely reflect your uniqueness, but it shouldn’t reflect if you’re having a bad day at work. If you think writing about really personal endeavors can make a connection to your audience, it may backfire and repel readers from the blog they’re used to reading.

Not being aware of your content. Along with the benefits of blogging, I also wrote an article about how to identify your blogging niche. Regarding your content, you must remain aware of what you write and how you will be perceived, so that you won’t put yourself in a bad light. For example, if you’re applying to XYZ company, yet have posted criticisms about their products, you probably won’t get past the screening process. Blogging allows you to have an opinion, but carefully choose what you want to make public.

Not staying flexible. Though it’s important to create a plan, schedule, or even an editorial calendar for your posts, embrace variety in your blog. Trying to keep every post the same will not only limit your creativity, but also drive readers away from the monotony.

Blogging remains to be a great tool for personal branding. Stay relevant by watching out for these blogging mistakes.