Whether you have a job or a business, the daily grind can get tedious, sapping your energy and productivity.
 Learning to tap into your creativity can insure that your ideas don’t get stale and old, and increase engagement in your work. Here are tips to boosting your creativity:

1. Clear away the clutter. I know that my desk often reflects the chaos in brain. Work spaces that are cluttered and disorganized increase stress and therefore reduce creativity. That doesn’t mean you need to have Martha Stewart’s organization, which for some can be equally as stifling. Instead you need an area that works for you, not against you. It should be organized around the way you work and have colors and other items that boost mood.

2. Doodle, draw, jot, write and record.  I think people are more creative than they think they are. The problem is that ideas don’t come at the times they can easily acknowledge and record them.  Have paper, white boards, journals, and other materials around you so you can sketch and write down your ideas. Record ideas on your smartphone if you’re driving when inspiration strikes. Write something every day to get into the habit of recoding your thoughts, ideas and feelings.

3. Save the filter for later.  One thing I’ve learned as a writer is to not edit while I’m writing. I just get the words out, no matter how wacky or poorly written they are. Later, I revise and cut. You should do the same with your ideas (the ones you’re doodling, jotting, etc in #2). For many reasons, your brain may want to sensor ideas, but resist it. Write down all your ideas, and later go back to assess their quality, tweak or dump them.

4. Take a walk. Moving your body is one of the best ways to boost energy and creativity, as well as improve your health. Walking is something nearly everyone at every fitness level can do, plus it can be done almost anywhere. If you can’t or don’t want to walk, do something you enjoy, such as yoga or a recreational sport.

5. Daydream or meditate. Quieting your brain is a great way to encourage the free flow of thoughts. Instead of controlling everything going on in your mind, look out the window or close your eyes and clear your mind.

6. Change your routine. Routine can be good, until it becomes a rut. If you’re feeling stuck or stifled in your work, change the order of how you do things, forcing your brain out of automatic-mode. Get up earlier and drink your coffee before showering. Take another route to work. Do your daily tasks in a different order.