Branding yourself during a job interview – what should you know?

Personal Branding

Job interviews can trigger a lot of stress, especially if you don’t have that much experience with them. While you might be properly qualified for a certain position within a company, if you don’t do well at the interview, you won’t be able to land that job.

But what exactly can you do to increase your success odds? How can you make a great first impression?

The key to successful interview results is to know how to brand yourself. There are a few important aspects you should be aware of, which will make this type of experience seem less overwhelming, and will allow you to tackle any trick questions asked. Here are some useful pointers on the matter to keep in mind:

Show up prepared

Simply not being able to answer a common interview question will make you seem unprofessional in front of the recruiter, and will put you in a rather uncomfortable position. Being prepared is the most important thing here. What does that mean? Besides learning everything you can about the company and job you are applying for, make a list of questions you think could pop up during the interview, and prep some great answers.

Nowadays, you have all the resources you need to learn the most compelling interview answer just by searching online. Sites such as help you get acquainted with different interview topics, so you can easily understand what you should and shouldn’t say while discussing with your recruiter.

Bring along your personal branding toolkit

Presentation is often more relevant than skills and abilities. It’s up to you to build the image you want in front of a potential employer, and to start off on the right foot, you should bring a personal branding toolkit along. Besides the usual resume (which should be well written), business cards, cover letter, references should also be incorporated in the toolkit. If you’re applying for a job in the creative field, you should have your portfolio on you as well. All of these materials will help you “sell yourself” and will also likely impress your interviewer.

Ask questions!

Get involved in the conversation and show your interest in the job and in the company by asking questions. This will allow the recruiter to see you as thoughtful – you will be presenting yourself as someone who actually wants to know more about what the said enterprise does. Don’t let the interviewer be the only one asking questions.

Work on your body language

Your handshake, your facial expressions, your posture – all of these things matter during an interview and can make a difference in how seriously the recruiter actually takes you. Do a bit of practice at home and work on your body language until you get it right.

These are the main factors to keep in mind when you are preparing yourself for an important job interview. The way you choose to brand yourself can be the thing that differentiates you from other candidates, and increases your odds of actually getting the job. Each interview is unique, but there are some standard questions that are likely to work in your favor. Look over these suggestions with care, and use each one to your advantage.