Build Influence for Your Brand with Klout Lists

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Measuring social media influence for your brand is a mark of expertise. While many tools measure authority, it is Klout that seems to stand out from the rest in terms of being the standard. One of the great features offered are Klout Lists, which can help you connect with other influencers in your niche, and gain more insight.

In order to get started with Klout Lists, all you need to do is go to your Klout profile and select Create New List from the drop down menu of the right hand column. Recent moments is the default selection, which can be changed to any of your created lists. These influencers will be prominently displayed here, and you can create several lists based on categories.

Naming your list can be creative, yet focused on the categories. For example, I chose to create a Marketing Mavens list. You have the option of making each list public or private as well. Choose a nice, and easy to understand description, then add Klout members from the search box provided.

Not sure who to add to your new Klout list? Take a look at influencers in your brand’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, then search for them in Klout. Only those who are connected to Twitter and/or have a Klout account can be added.

There are several advantages of creating Klout user lists for your brand, including industry comparison and analyzing Klout scores of those in your social networks. Once you have created a list, tweet it to your connections for more engagement.

Your brand will not only be able to hone in more on high influencers in your niche, but will also be able to reach out and connect to new ones as you discover which connections have the most ‘clout.’ Learn how to improve your social media efforts by what your influencers are doing, and always be open to change in strategy through this process.