Build Your Brand with the Power of Consistency

Skill Development

What’s the most powerful marketing tool these days to build your brand?

It’s consistency. The power of a consistent message about who you are, what you do and what makes you unique is important in everything you do and every place you appear – your website, social media, right down to your business cards.

The first question you should ask yourself as an entrepreneur or business owner should be, “Is my brand my company name or is my brand me?” The answer to this question will directly affect your social media persona on sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and so on. The key to being an easily found brand is consistency. I often see small business owners use a Facebook account that reflects their business name, and then use their personal Twitter account, which is not the same as on their website – exactly what you want to avoid.

Another element when harnessing the power of a brand is to choose a visual scheme that will always be consistent and associated with your company or individual name. There are several ways to accomplish this and will help your audience easily find your brand on social media and across the web.

Your personal brand colors

In the advertising world we often associate certain colors and design schemes with certain products, such as Coca-Cola or McDonalds. The same principle applies to any individual or business. If the logo or image has the wrong color or design, it can work against your branding efforts.

VBL or visual brand language

Once you have a color scheme chosen for your brand it is equally important to choose the right font or visual brand language (VBL) to fit into your design. Create something that is clean, and easy to understand. Over time you have the option of being flexible, as is frequently done with Google’s or Ebay’s logos.

Consider your target market

Who is your audience, and what are they looking for? Your image should reflect your niche’s atmosphere, and create a sense of consistency across all of its marketing and content creation.

One final thought when creating your personal brand image. A common mistake is to seek advice from visual experts after the fact rather than in the initial planning stage. Remember, your brand’s image is an important piece that will help you sell your products and/or services. Include this guidance in your budget and be flexible to the suggestions these professionals have to offer.