Create a Stress-Free Work Environment

Workplace Success

In today’s environment, jobs are hard to find. Since companies are aware of this fact, they are putting more and more pressure on their employees.  Pressure and stress reduce employee performance creating horrible consequences for the employer. Employers should reverse this and help decrease their employees’ stress levels.

There are many factors within a business which must be managed in order to maintain a stress-free workplace. Nonetheless, you can follow the simple steps below to reduce stress in your workplace and create a motivating stress-free environment where employees want to come and work.

1. Provide a Room for Refreshment: Providing a room for serenity and refreshment will help boost your employees’ morale and productivity. When your employees want to take a break, they can go to this room and relax. This room can also be used for socializing activities such as a happy hour gathering or eating lunches together. This room should be decorated accordingly to give that calm and peaceful feel.

2. Make Sure the Work Space is Clean and Organized: It is difficult to concentrate when your desk is full of papers, folders and magazines. It is the same with emails. When you have thousands of emails sitting in your inbox, it is possible not to notice a message and miss something important. Therefore, employers should put a storage system in place that encourages employees to archive their papers and files as well as their emails to ensure that nothing is lost or forgotten to be handled.

3. Encourage Your Employees to Add Personal Touches:  Adding personal items to a desk or a cubicle may help reduce stress. Therefore, encourage your employees to put pictures of loved ones, decorations or artwork to their desks.

4. Put Plants and Decoration Around: Having plants around the office will help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, noise level and humidity plus increase positive feelings. Also, lighting, colors and décor affect stress level. Neutral tones and earth tones are the best for an office because these colors are calming and warm. In addition, a softer light is much better than fluorescent lighting.

5. Exercise: Adding exercising into a work day will help reduce stress as well as relax your employees. Going for a walk during lunch time helps as well. As an employer, if you can, develop a fitness program and have a fitness instructor come to the office at least twice a week. You will see that working out as an office/department will bring your employees closer. As a result, they will work together better.