Dayton partnership bolsters local businesses, educational experiences

Dayton Partnership

The Entrepreneurs’ Center (EC) and the University of Dayton have joined forces to support business growth and enrich educational experiences.

This partnership allows students to apply their learning in practical business settings, while also providing tools and assistance to local businesses for expanded growth.

Together, academia and industry are bridged to provide enriched learning environments.

Dayton entrepreneur Luis Estevez, propelled by this collaboration, has been successful with his venture, AIMM.

AIMM has devised a revolutionary system for treating water that proficiently removes harmful PFAS chemicals and industrial colorants.

This development has the potential to significantly reduce environmental pollution and provide safer drinking water for communities around the world.

The EC, strategically located at 31 S.

Enhancing Dayton’s economy and education

Main St. Dayton, has partnered with a whopping 930 companies and entrepreneurs since its inception.

Initially the smallest state-funded initiative, it has now grown to become the second largest, following only behind Cleveland’s JumpStart operation.

This center has not only grown in size but also in influence, serving as an essential hub for hundreds of businesses and innovators.

The EC and the University of Dayton have furthermore established a non-profit organization housed in a generously renovated facility.

This feature-rich facility can be rented by members for networking and collaboration.

Ranging from workshops to programs designed to promote creativity and entrepreneurship, numerous opportunities are provided for learning and growth.

Within the facility, the University of Dayton and Sinclair Community College host over 40 lessons weekly, facilitating a rare blend of academia and business experiences for students.

These lessons span a broad spectrum of subjects, encouraging interaction among students of various specialties and cultivating a community-focused and multidisciplinary learning environment.

Beyond academics, the facility also hosts athletic events and cultural programs, providing students with abundant networking opportunities.

The continual achievements and ambitious growth of these programs demonstrate the EC’s commitment to boosting local economies and fostering innovation.

This unwavering focus on small and medium enterprises reflects their belief in the enterprises’ capability to drive economic progress.

By continually investing in skills development and promoting innovative technologies, the EC is dedicated to bolstering local economic growth and creativity, while aspiring for a sustainable future.