Do Video Resumes Really Add to Your Brand?

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“I’m thinking about hiring a guy to do a video resume for me” one of my senior executive clients said recently to me in a career coaching session. These days 91% of successful coaching is done via the telephone, and that was the case now, I was on the phone with my client; It was a good thing too because my jaw dropped as I quickly organized my thoughts like papers in file that had just fallen on the floor.

Questions about fads and trends have become commonplace over the years but this one, from a client of this caliber, caught me as much by surprise as the slap Chantal O. gave Brad Womack on premiere night of The Bachelor this season. Let’s just say neither Brad nor I saw this one coming (and she’s got a heck of a right hook). Are video resumes getting this much attention?

Do video resumes get attention?

Put yourself in the shoes of today’s corporate recruiter. It’s Monday morning and you walk in your office, boot up your laptop and take the first sip of your extra-hot grande latte as you begin reading through the morning’s 320 plus e-mails eager candidates and over-worked hiring manager’s sent this weekend.

Message #1: Great cover letter. Attached: 25-page resume for a candidate with 5 years of experience. Delete. (true story)

Message #2: Brief e-mail. No cover letter (no good). Killer resume. You sip more delicious latte as you read with a focused, results-heavy resume. Definite yes.

Message #3: Concise cover letter and a link to the resume. You bite into your blueberry scone and click the link. 4 minutes later you’re more entertained than interested and have other things to do besides, you can’t forward it on because there’s too much potential for hiring bias. Delete.

Skinny jeans and video resumes

Video resumes are a popular trend, just like skinny jeans. They have a place and fit for some industries. For example, skinny jeans are great on hipsters, rockers and those that can strum the strings of a guitar. Video resumes are great for creative directors, photographers, graphic designers or web designers. Those professionals that are in the arts or creative professions are well suited to make their experience come to life in a video resume.

Brand identity or crisis

The bottom-line is you have to know your brand or any choice will come off as a brand crisis. Have your personal brand stand out in today’s job search market in a way that represents your authentic self and true identity. Creating a video resume as an actuarial would come off a bit like Donald Trump wearing skinny jeans; you might get a second look but not for the reasons you want.