Video Job Applications: 6 Tips to Help You Steal the Show

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When you submit quality video job applications, you'll have a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Let's talk about how to do it!

While companies are looking for employees during “The Great Resignation,” many people are sincerely looking for work. Video job applications represent the rising tide for job hunters.

However, if you send a job application in a highly competitive niche, the job search may take a long time. The reason is simple! Your resume dissolves among others, and the HR manager doesn’t have time to notice it.

Lockdown has made changes to the recruitment process. Almost all companies now conduct video interviews with applicants. And this is great news because, with quality video, you have a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Let’s talk about how to do it.

Knock your video application out of the park.

1. Choose the video format for your application.

Video job applications are only gaining popularity. Therefore, there are no format requirements. After all, the video is only a supplement to the standard resume.

The lack of rules allows you to get creative. As a result, think carefully about how to make the right first impression on the recruiter.

For some companies, an ordinary video recorded on a smartphone camera will do. Others will appreciate bright animation or a short film. In other words, a video quality enhancer will not hurt in any case.

If you are preparing for an online interview, check the microphone and the camera. Proper lighting, no unnecessary noise, and reliable internet are also essential for a successful interview. Don’t let technical problems ruin the conversation that matters to you.

Similarly, if you have decided on the format of the video presentation, go to the next point.

2. Write a script.

Remember that time is important for the employer. A long introduction will discourage anyone from continuing to watch the video. Focus on key skills for a job and prepare a clear script.

The structure of the video job application should be as follows:

  • short, accurate self-presentation;
  • professional achievements in numbers;
  • job skills list that is relevant to the position; and
  • a little appropriate humor at the farewell.

If you are preparing for a video interview, make notes in advance. Talk about your experiences that are of interest to this particular employer. Don’t overload communication with unnecessary information.

3. Record your video job application.

First, practice speaking in front of the camera. Even though you have a script written, don’t read it while recording a video. Speak your presentation several times.

Evaluate the voice and body language during the interview. Ask a friend to see how your video is perceived: the pace of the conversation, the clarity of pronunciation, the pauses between transitions. You should not speak too fast or too slow.

Don’t forget to choose the right clothes to look like in a live interview. Your appearance in front of the camera also matters.

No special video recording equipment is required. The camera on a smartphone (with a tripod) can handle this task.

You can read about the basics of filming elsewhere. But it is best to take a few takes. Lighting, extraneous sounds, looking at the camera…pay attention to all of these. Set aside a time to record the video when you will be relaxed.

4. Edit your video carefully.

Use the best video editing software to make your job application flawless. Free software allows you to edit videos on your home computer. Here are some things to focus on when editing a video.

  • Create the appropriate tone and mood by the color grading.
    • The process of video color editing is divided into two parts: color correction and color grading. Here it’s important not to hurry but to carefully edit frame by frame.
  • Change the video resolution to get good image quality.
    • If you can’t record video on your device or share it in the right messaging channel, then reduce the resolution.
  • Use filters for a flawless result.
    • Even if you don’t save time on video editing, you’ll get a great result.

If you edit a video for the first time, these tasks may seem very difficult. However, in today’s world, it’s one of the skills that everyone should learn.

Don’t add too complex animations to get started. Contact information on the video will be enough. Just tell your story in front of the camera.

Finally, ask an expert to evaluate your work and point out shortcomings. Over time, you’ll learn to edit videos yourself.

5. Check out your video job application.

Take a short break for coffee or a walk. Then watch the final version of the video. Even better if someone else does.

Don’t rush to reset the presentation once you have finished editing. Sometimes an obvious mistake goes unnoticed by the creator. But the HR manager will immediately notice this mistake.

6. Share your video job application.

I recommend that you download the finished video to a public platform first. This could be YouTube, for example. Adjust all settings of the video presentation and add appropriate tags. Recruitment managers often search for information on key phrases such as “video CV” or “resume manager.”

If you immediately send the video to the email address of the selected companies, choose the correct format.

First, resend the video to a close friend to make sure all is well. Also, corporate emails may be subject to certain restrictions. This is why it’s better to upload the video to YouTube and send the links to recruiters. Make sure your potential employer sees your great video!

In conclusion, the video presentation is still a great tool to attract attention. Don’t hesitate to record a job application video. Recruiters are not overwhelmed with videos, at least not yet. They are still paying attention to them. Don’t miss your chance.

Good luck in your job search with a video job application!