Do You Use Glassdoor for Your Job Search?

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Have you ever heard of before? Well, if you haven’t, let me explain. Glassdoor is a very useful website which helps job seekers to receive inside information about their target companies. If you are a potential job seeker or have an interview, looking at the comments of companies on Glassdoor will help you get an idea of the environment you should expect.

In Glassdoor, one can get information about the culture and values of a company, its work/life balance, benefits, average compensation and interview questions. If it is a well-known corporation, there are generally thousands of comments available. What makes Glassdoor so valuable is that current and previous employees make reviews and they can keep themselves anonymous while making comments. Only the job title and the location of the employees are available to users most of the time. Moreover, if you have an interview, you can see some of the questions which were asked during interviews.

Learning the interview questions prior to the interview will definitely help you become more prepared and bring you one step closer to get the offer. Another big help of Glassdoor is that it gives average salary information about companies. You can look at the job title you are interviewing for and get a rough idea about its compensation. With this information, you can negotiate your salary easier or don’t even bother to apply and interview with the company if its compensation is below what you wish to receive.

Glassdoor is also very helpful for recruiters as well because they can build a brand or identify the weak points about their companies and share their findings with senior management. According to a recent research by Software Advice, almost half of the job seekers use Glassdoor in their job search. They look at Glassdoor in every step of their application process. They use Glassdoor to identify top employers or to compare them with their competitors even before applying for jobs. They generally determine top employers according to their ratings and reviews and the most important factors that define the ratings of a company are its compensation and benefits. Usually job seekers read reviews posted up to six months ago. Also, after applying for jobs, job seekers use Glassdoor to study for their interviews and to decide whether they will accept or reject the offer. Therefore, recruiters or HR professionals need to look at the ratings and reviews of their companies and raise the red flags they find to senior management in order to become a reputable employer.