Employee Retention: 10 Actionable Strategies for Reducing Turnover

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Employee turnover can seriously harm the reputation of your business. Here are 10 actionable techniques you can use to hang onto your team.

Many companies around the world are facing the same issue — significant employee turnover. Today, with more and more companies opening their doors to new employees and new job positions emerging, workers are constantly looking to find better professional opportunities.

Employee turnover can seriously harm business success and reputation, which is why company owners must approach this issue with caution and care. Sadly, employee turnover shows no signs of slowing down. Companies will need to implement specific strategies to increase their employee retention rate.

The Importance of Employee Retention

Many business owners undervalue the importance of employee retention. Frequent changes in personnel ultimately drag down your profitability. That turnover comes with quite a few disadvantages, including:

  • financial disadvantage;
  • lower brand reputation;
  • constant lack of competent workers;
  • always training new employees; and
  • a time-consuming recruiting process.

These are some reasons why companies need to do everything in their power to retain their employees and decrease the turnover rate. It helps to know some of the most common reasons employees leave companies:

  • low salary;
  • inadequate benefits;
  • dissatisfaction with the management;
  • unhappiness with the company’s culture;
  • lack of motivation, support, or recognition; and
  • no opportunities for growth or advancement.

10 Actionable Employee Retention Strategies

You may not be able to increase your employees’ salaries or provide opportunities for growth and professional advancement. Even if that’s the case, there are many other strategies for improving employee retention. To form a team of employees you’re happy and proud with, you can implement several actionable methods and techniques.

Here are the top 10 actionable techniques and strategies you can use to ensure your employees stay with you long-term. Any of the 10 listed strategies will increase the overall satisfaction among your staff members and motivate them to perform even better.

1. Give your employees recognition and support.

People pay a lot of attention to who they work for. They’ll leave quickly leave if they don’t get the required amount of support and recognition from their employers.

By supporting your employees and recognizing their hard work and diligence, any employee will feel more valued and satisfied with the company they work for.

2. Give positive feedback.

Giving negative criticism is sometimes unavoidable. However, how you deliver that negative feedback is important as the delivery can affect the employee differently.

Even if you need to criticize your staff member, do it cautiously. Don’t forget to give positive feedback as well. This helps employees understand what they should nurture and what they need to change.

3. Increase employee engagement.

No employee wants to feel left out or be considered less than others. An environment such as this quickly leads to high employee turnover even though it can easily be avoided.

Increase employee engagement by involving them in various projects and giving them a chance to show their skills and capabilities. Be careful to pay attention to how many projects you allocate as you don’t want to overload your team, either.

4. Reward employees appropriately.

Each completed task requires a lot of time, work, and patience from your staff members. Don’t take that for granted. Feel free to reward your employees every once in a while.

Doing so will instantly boost their productivity and they’ll get a feeling of value and appreciation for the work they’re putting in.

5. Introduce new opportunities.

Introducing your workers to new opportunities, projects, and tasks increases their professional satisfaction and job performance.

Even if they’re not ready to tackle a specific project, enrolling them in an online training course can help. Your employees will feel more motivated to attain the necessary skillset. Giving them a specific goal will increase their desire to perform well and progress.

6. Offer more flexibility.

Nowadays, employees are presented with various working shifts and schedules that provide them with more flexibility.

It’s a good idea to review your company’s capabilities and your staff members’ desire for the most flexible solution, something that both sides can be happy with.

Working remotely and flexible working hours are some of the options that have proven to be among employees’ favorites.

7. Earn their trust.

Regular communication between employers and employees is crucial for the successful management of any company.

By valuing employees as people, showing your support, and motivating them to go further, they will have more trust in their employer. Once you earn their trust, your employees will be far more likely to stick by your side.

8. Nurture their talents.

You might conclude that a specific employee isn’t the best choice for a specific position. Perhaps they’re starting to be dissatisfied and unhappy with their career choices.

To avoid losing a team member, you can nurture their talents by offering them a different position that suits them better. Employees will appreciate a new opportunity and will most likely stay with that company.

9. Create a pleasant working environment.

No one wants to spend a large part of their day in a hostile or unpleasant situation. Do everything in your power to provide your employees a pleasant working environment. Create a space filled with supportive and helpful members.

That way, they’ll be less likely to leave your company even if you’re paying slightly lower salaries in comparison to your competitors.

10. Listen to what they have to say.

Never take your employees for granted. They often come up with some of the best ideas and decisions regarding your business because they’re a big part of it.

Listen to what they have to say. Try to implement good suggestions into your company. When employees see that you value their opinion, they become the proudest members of your team.

Choose the Best Employee Retention Strategies

In sum, implementing one or more of these ten strategies can significantly improve your employee retention rates. Combining retention techniques with employee training will ensure you achieve excellent results with your team members. Look for online training software for your employees to see the change in the way your company works and functions.