Encourage or Detract Clients: How You Solve Problems

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Salespeople are invariably the ‘fall’ person for taking the blame when it comes to errors. The blame game is rampant inside the company and clientele hold the representative responsible. The very best approach is to quickly apologize and avoid all excuses. Your immediate apology indicates upfront you are to be trusted and maintains a reputable personal brand.

No one wants to know the who or what did the damage, but they do want to know the intended solution. After the apology, the next step is to promise to figure out next steps and resolve the problem promptly. Your client will be somewhat relieved believing the error just might be fixed.

Once you do find out what caused the problem, come up with a satisfactory solution and a timeline to straighten it all out. Be sure to keep the solution simple and convey it in easy-to-understand laymen terms. Only share the essentials your client needs to know, and the rest of the details are to be kept to yourself.

Never muddy the waters with who is to blame or what caused the issue unless directly asked. Otherwise, when you reveal the behind-the-scenes information, it gives pause for concern. The next thing you know they will cancel the sale and you lose the client. Keep It Simply Solved!

Update your client each step of the way so they recognize they may still trust you. By the time you do resolve the problem, you will be seen as a hero and have earned a very loyal client.

No doubt you have encountered issues delivering on promises made to clients.  In your quiet time, recall some of the incidents and how they were handled.

Did you:

  • Make excuses and blame another
  • Complicate the explanation with too many details
  • Apologize and gave a brief scenario of how you would fix the problem?

Reflect on past habits and whether you tend to complicate situations or resolve them in a way that is understood and accepted by everyone. By working as a mediator to quickly and easily come to an agreement on issues of any nature will do wonders for retaining a loyal clientele. Witnessing your integrity, the ease of working together, and your resolve to fix the situation will build a loyal fan club. The error becomes a gift in disguise given your pipeline always shows sales flowing with repeat business, referrals, and testimonials.

Sales Tips

  1. When issues arise trace the origin to gain a better grasp.
  2. Avoid excuses when things take a wrong turn.
  3. Ask clientele how they see the solution.
  4. Offer what you can and cannot provide for a fix.
  5. Gain agreement on how to proceed.
  6. Document steps to be taken and a timeline for completion.
  7. Keep your client informed every step of the way.
  8. Once the fix is in place check a few times for satisfaction.
  9. Thank your client for their patience in resolving the issue.
  10. Celebrate Success!