The Rule of 555

business-idea-1553785_640It is the unknown learning curve that is found to be the toughest. Every time an attempt is made to undertake something new multiple other challenges arise. The question becomes do you have the grit to get past the many uphill battles?

Your particular answer resides within to distinguish you apart from everyone else. The most motivated continue to push to pursue the answer each and every day.

Cope with the Worst

When bad days arise, take the time to help someone whose day is worse.

Get involved with a community in need either with education or special services. Everyone experiences highs and lows. Those you serve will greatly appreciate your help. In return, your personal brand will be admired and distinguish you as a leader.

You are encouraged to set time aside each week to review the worst and the best of the previous week.

Think about:

  • What pushed your buttons and why?
  • How may you make improvements?
  • Have you plateaued at your comfort zone?

Options are plentiful once a plan of action clarifies itself. You may find you are exactly on track to accomplish what you set out to do. A group of like-minded individuals may well reinforce your approach and endeavors plus provide new ideas and support. And when you are close to feeling as if you are about to jump off a cliff, getting formal help is an excellent route to take.

Those who desire to excel in any endeavor quickly recognize that doing the same old each day does not work for long. Being comfortable in your career is the enemy of advancement. It is the routine of self-discipline and training that leads to building an admired path.

Time for Change

Make the following your mantra:

  • Dedication to a long-term vision
  • Pledge to see your New Year resolution through to 2018.
  • Challenge yourself to try something new and more advanced.

The dedication to pursuing prowess is the surest way to get to goal.

Sales Tips:

  1. Make a pledge to remain committed to your New Year resolution.
  2. Create a plan of action to see the resolution through.
  3. Develop a 15-month stretch goal to ensure a smooth transition between 2017 and 2018.
  4. Learn as much as possible to strengthen your weak areas.
  5. Build muscle mass for the areas you enjoy most.
  6. Continue to revise what is in place to achieve more.
  7. Consider options for career or entrepreneurship.
  8. Choose the options that will challenge you most to learn even more.
  9. Reset your long-term goals to be further reaching.
  10. Celebrate success!

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!