When creating an identity for your personal brand the goal is to make a lasting impression that will stick in the minds of your followers. The mission should be to focus on what you represent both online and offline.

Over a period of time an audience becomes familiar with the characteristics of a brand, such as what they are well known for in their industry, and products and services that become a mainstay. So what does your personal brand look like to your community?

Social media has made it easier to paint a picture of a familiar image that resonates with people. Here are three steps on how to focus your personal brand and make a lasting impression.

1. Tap into your inner circle. Promoting should always begin with your trusted network whether this is friends, family or even associates. This is the place to gather feedback on how they see your personal brand, which will help create a better picture as your network grows.

2. Write down the vision. The best mission statements come out of a clear vision statement. Write out what you would like to see for your personal brand and stick as closely to that as possible in your day-to-day marketing. This is an important element to the image people will see about your company.

3. Be flexible for change. After creating a clear focus, stay in the loop when feedback comes making adjustments when necessary. The best way to hone in on a memorable brand image is to allow your audience to provide feedback. Be patient with this on-going process that is built over time.

As you discover your personal brand and what makes you unique through others and your own observations, you then want to eliminate any confusion surrounding the mission of your company.  Be clear and concise. Create a valuable brand that stays in the minds of your community for years to come.