Authentic Business Branding


You may recall a time, not too long ago, when we talked about showing your worth for the betterment of your career. Yet and still, in order to do that, it is necessary to know and understand what you’re worth in the grand scheme of things. This hasn’t always been easy. However, there is a good chance that tech is coming to the rescue.

At TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2016, I was introduced to Woo, the first platform that lets tech talent (mostly tech builders and programmers at this time, but soon to include biz dev & marketing) gauge their market value. Needless to say, a service such as this is beneficial to both employees and employers due to its setup as a tool to match the correct person with the correct business. Data supports this type of dual-pronged approach to job matching — for example:

According to a 2015 CareerBuilder Survey, nearly half (48 percent) of CEOs reported that their companies have lost money because their recruitment process is inefficient, and 60 percent say the inability to find enough qualified candidates is preventing the company from reaching their full potential.

The process for the candidate begins by setting your expectations such as location, company size, company type, salary, and the like. After that, you enter your skills and experience.



And since we all know how important setting expectations actually is, it should come as no surprise that being honest in what you can and cannot do are important steps to completing this information. Furthermore, if you happen to be only testing out the market, or even looking for a job and don’t want others to know, candidates are left anonymous.



If a company is interested in reaching out to you, they have select which expectations that they can meet. The more boxes they can check, the better chance they have of 1) displaying how much they want the job applicant, and 2) wooing the candidate from wherever their time is spent at the present.


Once again, you have to reveal your information to the potential employer upon receipt of an offer. If you don’t want to move forward in the process, you can decline without your identity being revealed. If you do, you can share your full profile. Potential employers understand that this is part of the process already.



The value of this tool, especially in the environment of a publication like this, is very clear. When it comes to anyone’s career, understanding where you fit and fair wages for your expertise is significant. Matching the right person to the right job promotes happiness, better work and a company culture that is second to none. It is likely that Woo is the first of a number of tech products that will offer this type of service and we’re all destined to be better for it. So, feel free to sign up or even contact them here.