Author: Gary J. Nix

Gary J. Nix is a marketing strategist who is known for integrating traditional principles with digital and experiential execution in order to connect brands and their consumers. He has brought his “the brand is a promise” framework to companies big and small including and his goal is to continually improve the manner by which businesses form relationships with their customers and, subsequently their bottom line, through strategic integrated marketing communication.
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Corporate Cultural Responsibility

The pillars on which you build the foundation of your brand are truly important. Another essential consideration regarding that fact is some pillars are more complex than others. Culture is one of those sophisticated systems of support successful businesses employs to remain sustainable. As a result, here is another aspect of business culture that can …

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(En)Counter Culture

Whether you realize it or not, we are at a pivotal juncture in the marketing and advertising industry. This industry is one that is (and always has been) located at the point where information, entertainment, politics, technology, society & culture converge. The last four elements listed have become more prevalent since the turn of the …

Coworking Agreement
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Just To Get a Rep

As a mode of communications, the internet in general, and social media, in particular, has allowed us to connect to others in many different ways. We can share all types of happenstances in our lives and this ability can affect our lives both our personal and professional lives. Social media, for some, has seemingly blurred …

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Now It’s Time To Show Your Character(s) On Twitter

In case you missed it, a certain corner of the social media world experienced an influx of joy, celebratory actions and a splash of a surprise this week when Twitter announced changes to the way we will tweet.

When news of new ways around Twitter’s 140-character limit were announced, people rejoiced, screamed emphatically, and waved …

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Branding Lesson: Revels, Advocate

As much as I enjoy discussing the similarities between personal and corporate branding, it is just as important to examine the relationship between the two as well as the nuances within. No matter your career “vertical,” an understanding of the way these two types of branding are connected coupled with the points where you can …

Authentic Business Branding
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Get to Know Your Worth… With Tech

You may recall a time, not too long ago, when we talked about showing your worth for the betterment of your career. Yet and still, in order to do that, it is necessary to know and understand what you’re worth in the grand scheme of things. This hasn’t always been easy. However, there is a …

Team High Fives
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Your Brand is About the Feels

When it comes to building a brand, business or personal, there are many elements that must be considered in order to assemble it correctly. Such elements are separated into two categories: intellectual and emotional. And while the intellectual elements should, by no means, be diminished, when you think about the power branding actively holds, it …