Give Your Personal Brand a Boost with Blogging

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shutterstock_199131008A professional blog on your website is just the beginning to building your personal brand, and attracting new subscribers. Creating unique and fresh content opens the door for converting leads into sales and higher rankings on the search engines.

So how exactly does blogging allow brands to attract more loyal customers? The process is straightforward once you perform the right target market research and learn how to best meet the needs of that audience. This is a great way to create a professional and authoritative persona along with word of mouth marketing.

Blogs are a powerful branding building tool, and enhance connections on social media. Not only can you build authority, but also create a high level of influence that encourages sales.

How to create more conversions with blogging

Here are several ways you can use content marketing to effectively build your personal brand’s sales.

• Use products or services to project brand identity – Create a series of articles that cover a specific niche that your company offers. This could include a bundle, book series, podcast series, and more. The possibilities are endless, and your audience will be more like to make a purchase when they expect the the next installment.

• Offer the best for a limited time – A deadline is a surefire way of creating buzz around a concept, product or service. Use a timeframe to your advantage along with announcements on social media to draw more leads to your brand’s content marketing campaign.

• Create a prominent opt-in – Use your email autoresponder service to create an optin box to capture your leads. These contacts are valuable as more blog posts are being added each week. Create even more of a buzz with a specific sales page that can be included as a link in your articles.

• Offer exclusive content for members only – After your personal brand has established a good following from multiple blog posts keep an eye on how many subscribers you are attracting. Use this as an opportunity to offer them a paid subscription for blog posts that includes even more helpful information with free offers such as reports, videos, ebooks, ect.

• Ensure your blog posts are optimized – When publishing on a blog it’s important to have the right mix of keywords in place in an organic way that does not appear too spammy to the search engines. It pays to do some research first, then include topics from the main keywords of your articles.

Blogging is an opportunity you do not want to miss out when it comes to publishing for your personal brand. It can be a sales generator where you are able to attract and retain the right visitors to your website, and grow your social influence as well.