Give Your Personal Brand More Visibility with Blogging

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Having a great website and social media marketing strategy for your brand is a good start to building an audience. But in order to effectively build a list and establish authority in your market, it is important to have a consistent flow of content.

Does your personal brand need a blog? Whether you are just starting out or need to build on your existing audience great content can help bring in more sales and showcase your expertise.

Today a personal brand should be blogging on a regular basis, and sharing that content across its social media channels in order to become a trusted and reliable source. There are many ways to approach the right topics depending on your niche, which begins with knowing and needs of your audience.

Begin Blogging Today

Creating a regular publishing schedule is vital to the success of your brand. Here are some important tips on getting started the right way:

• Decide on topics – What products and/or services does your business offer? Depending on this your content will be determined by what your leads and customers are looking for. Stay focused on your niche and stick with that. Some brands offer how-to’s, others are heavier on videos and images. Before getting started on blogging write down your ideas and create a schedule ahead of time of what will be published during the year.

• Set up your blog for sales – Many people miss the opportunity to generate an income from what they write. Once your brand has established itself with original content that is helpful, interesting, and informative consider showcasing any products, ebooks, reports, and so on. Give this time to build up, and avoid overwhelming your readers with too many offers. The more high-quality articles you write the more receptive they will be to your sales pitch.

• Be consistent – In order to get the ball rolling in your content marketing strategy consider posting a minimum of 20 articles each month. Not only does this produce more traffic to your website, but also generates a level of expectation from your readers. Utilize the right target market research to fully understand your subscribers in order to publish content with the most reach.

• Adjust as you go – While building loyal brand followers pay attention to their feedback and make any changes where necessary. Blogging not only provides great information for them, but helps you become a better business with new ideas for products and services.

As blogging becomes a regular part of your personal branding it’s good to remember that this is not an overnight sucess. Money isn’t pouring in right away, but over time your business is opening the door of opportunity to bring in more sales. There are many resources available to help you write articles that are suited to your niche including freelance writers.  Ask your online marketing team for direction and assistance to find the best match.  The time spent creating a regular publishing schedule is well worth the results produced.