Regardless of how difficult, challenging and changeable things have become in business, there is a huge surge of inspired entrepreneurship going on now that is amazing. Corporations are even thinking and acting more entrepreneurial.
Small business and entrepreneurship has always been the key driver of economic success, especially in the US. Starting a business used to be easier than it is now, but it’s still the dream that drives many. What it takes to succeed, that great idea, a market for it and smart marketing to it has not really changed, but sustaining success has.

If you have a spark of an idea and the commitment to hustle, then NOW is one of the most exciting and opportune times to start a business, join an active, supportive entrepreneurial community and make it happen!

Here are five key, encouraging statistics about entrepreneurship and small business development from the May 2012 National Economic Council Report,  ‘Moving America’s Small Businesses and Entrepreneur’s Forward, Building an Economy to Last’, released from The White House.

  1. The President has signed in to law 18 tax cuts that directly help small businesses. This includes new tax credits for hiring unemployed workers and veterans, and allowing small businesses to write off the full cost of new investments in things like new machines and computers against last year’s taxes.
  2. Putting a record $2.8 billion directly into the hands of more than 13,000 businesses in 2011 alone through Small Business Investment Companies, achieved through a 54% reduction in license processing times.
  3. Providing more than 1 million entrepreneurs with free counseling and technical assistance each year through a network of more than 14,000 counselors. More than 2.5 million entrepreneurs have accessed free online training since 2009 through expanded online resources.
  4. A 10% income tax credit on total wages in 2012  providing firms with an incentive to increase wages or work hours for existing employees as well as hire new employees at a higher wage.
  5. Supporting nearly $80 billion in loans to more than 150,000 small businesses since January 2009 in lending supported through the 7(a) and 504 programs.

It may not seem like these things are working, but they are and will.

There are so many small businesses and entrepreneurial people leading the way, shining a light on this path and demonstrating that anyone can succeed and be doing something they love, believe in and that helps others in spite of conditions.

From shopping, business services, travel, pets, cupcakes, family and fashion, if it’s “fun, fab and smart” it has a great chance of catching on and succeeding.

Don’t believe me? Here are the Secrets of the 10 Most Trusted Brands and 2012’s Top Entrepreneurs from Crain’s New York Business!

Just go to for just about anything related to business from starting it up, to running it, marketing it, selling or closing it.

It all starts with a “spark” or inspiration about what you really want to do, developing your personal “sparkle”, then applying the relentless “hustle” or dedication, commitment and perseverance to make success happen. Success takes time, so be patient.

Check out my friend Tory Johnson, who will visit 20 cities from coast to coast, with her exclusive events devoted to small business success. She is one of those shining stars, sparkling and leading the way for women (and men) who choose entrepreneurship to profit from their passion and purpose!

It’s a movement, a mission and a dream that has made this country thrive and will continue to.



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