Golin appoints first Chief Creative Officer, Alex Wood

Creative Officer Appointment

Exciting news from Golin, an agency of Interpublic Group, as they announce Alex Wood as their first-ever Chief Creative Officer. Wood, who previously served as Executive Creative Director at Golin, steps into this precedent-setting role with the responsibility of overseeing all creative endeavours throughout EMEA and leading a 20-person creative team.

Wood’s past contributions at Golin have been significant, most notably his involvement in the creation of impactful consumer campaigns such as Specsavers’ ‘The Misheard Version’ and ASICS’s ‘Training AI’. These campaigns, humorous and technologically innovative in nature respectively, leave quite the impression and demonstrate Wood’s versatility in strategic marketing.

Wood enthusiastically acknowledges the growing influence of PR firms like Golin in the marketing industry. With innovative ideas, artistic brilliance, and commercial efficiency, agencies such as Golin provide fresh and enthralling campaigns that not only grab the audience’s attention but also give brands a competitive edge. The blend of visual appeal and commercial reality in these creative solutions reflect a deep understanding of market trends and consumer preferences.

Prior to joining Golin, Wood held impressive positions at notable organisations such as Ogilvy, Freuds, Resonate, and Porter Novelli.

Golin’s groundbreaking Creative Officer appointment

His experience and unique approach have contributed greatly to the creative functions of these firms.

In related news, Paul Andrews has been promoted to the role of Executive Creative Director, Design, and Content at Golin. This comes as Golin is merging its creative team of 20 and production department, signalling an enhanced shift in its operational dynamics.

Wood’s appointment has been met with praise. George Bryant, the global chief creative officer at the agency, affirmed that Wood’s exceptional talent in team leadership and client collaboration could drive business growth. Golin London’s president, Ondine Whittington, also commended Wood’s commitment to providing integrated creative solutions across different platforms.