Thanksgiving dinner has finished, dishes are clean, dessert is on the table and the newspaper has just been opened. The men are in the family room watching TV and the women in the dining room clamoring over the sale papers strategizing the next morning’s shopping with maps, time charts, plans and lists as if they’re planning Martha Stewart’s IPO. Somewhere in this are sugar-filled children running around playing completely oblivious that this sale paper madness is for them.

Here I sit, the vegetarian single city girl who is continually reminded I have yet to provide any grandchildren and even worse, I avoid shopping like the flu. However, I enjoy being with my aunts, cousins, mom, and sister-in-law so I take part in this annual ritual of insanity anyway all the while thankful I live a rather serene, clutter-free existence. Then it happens, one ad grabs my eye, it has holiday cards for 60% off! As a writer, stationary is my weak spot.

Handwritten holiday cards

This holiday, show your network you care by sending a personal, handwritten holiday card. Think of how few handwritten cards you receive, and send, anymore. When you’re job searching, this is a great way to make a personal connection with past colleagues and your friends.

Make your card work for you

Remember that there are a variety of faiths and celebrations this time of year and the best way to celebrate them all in is to send a Happy Holidays card. The best cards arrive before the holidays are over, to make sure yours gets there on time, head to the post office before December 6th.

Integrate your personality

How do you send a card that has your personality if your family is already sending one that has a family photo? Head to the store, pick up cards that reflect your style and personal brand and send them to your professional network. Savvy job seeker tip: include your personal business card to make follow-up easy.

Making a personal connection during the holidays lets people know they’re more than just a job search connection or name on your LinkedIn network list. Have fun selecting your holiday cards and then find a café, grab a cup of your favorite holiday treat, and get those cards working for you.