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  • Hope is Not a Strategy

    What do you think when someone precedes any statement with the following two words:

    “I hope”

    For example, if you are waiting for a report at work do you want to hear:

    1. I hope to have it to you by the end of the day.


    2. I will have it in your hands by the end of the day.

    Which message do you want to hear?

    Of course, you want to hear the second one.

    When it comes to your career you want to deliver the second one.

    Because your career, your ability to advance, your communication skills, your perception among your peers as well as the way management sees you… Depends on it!

    Don’t hope something will happen. Hope is not a strategy.

    If it is within your power … Get it done!

    Jeff is an expert in the Enterprise Content Management industry. He brings over 20 years of Channel Sales, Partner Marketing and Alliance expertise to audiences around the world in speaking engagements and via his writing. He has worked for Microsoft, Kodak, and K2. He is currently consulting with Microsoft and partners to drive Community Engagement and Alliances. Follow him on Twitter @jshuey or on LinkedIn: in/JeffShuey

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