How to Break Habits and Change Your Life

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break habits

We all have habits. Some habits are helpful and healthy like packing a healthy lunch the night before work, but other habits limit our ability to reach our potential. We need to break habits that are bad for us.

Breaking undesirable habits can be a challenge, but we can kick bad habits and transform our lives. Eliminate those bad habits by using the following tips:

Replace One Habit With Another

Do you have trouble with the dating scene? Are you spending too much time at bars looking for a partner? Going to bars to find your soulmate can become a bad habit when it doesn’t work yet you keep trying that method.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are other ways to find mates that have nothing to do with bars or traditional dating websites. For example, you can break your habit of using ineffective dating techniques by using a site like Mai Tai in London where specialists carefully match you with potential dates. Mai Tai is an elite dating service for busy Londoners with real people working behind the scenes to find you the perfect match.

Put Out Reminders

If you’re trying to break an unhealthy eating habit, reminding yourself of your goal can help you make smart choices.

Some experts recommend putting sticky notes wherever the bad habit behavior occurs to rethink your actions when temptation arises.

You also can use a smartphone to give you reminders. Set the alarm and give yourself a motivating note, such as ‘time for a healthy snack!’ at the time when you would usually be reaching for the bag of candy.

Start Small

Some people try to kick several bad habits at the same time. The idea of a new, improved self can motivate you. This can work for some people. If some of your habits go together, such as smoking and drinking, you might tackle them together.

But some experts say starting small gives you a higher chance for success. Try to change one habit at a time. Address the first habit, break it, and then move on to the next one.

Change The Environment

Your environment can have a significant effect on your habits. Maybe you are trying to stop eating out but you drive by your favorite restaurants daily. You can try to avoid areas with all of your favorite bars and restaurants by taking a new route to work or home.

The people you hang around are also a vital part of your environment. If your friends are going out to restaurants every night, you will find it difficult not to go along. Change the routine by asking your friends to do something with you besides eating out.

Use Visualization Techniques

Breaking a habit doesn’t have to be an entirely physical process. You also can practice new habits mentally, too.

For example, imagine yourself in an environment that triggers the bad habit, such as a restaurant with delicious, expensive food. How would you usually react? Probably by ordering the most fattening, expensive dish on the menu.

How could you change your reaction? Think about just ordering a glass of water and a salad. Or only getting up and going home and having a healthy meal out of your fridge.

Breaking habits isn’t easy, but with the right frame of mind and proper tools, it’s doable.