Hired Athlete

For most people new to a business, the knowledge of how to keep business moving forward is an unknown. The other side of it is a complete lack of understanding as to the importance the individual and their personal brand plays when it comes to achieving success. The same may be said for advancing one’s career.

There are five steps of which to take note to keep business or career on track:


Be a dedicated goal setter and always strive to attain the seemingly impossible. Not only is each goal to be verbalized, but it needs to be well-defined with the understanding of all that is entailed to see it through to completion. Each step closer keeps one motivated.


All goals and projects need a date agreed upon for completion. We all know that on occasion life gets in the way. For this reason, a safety net for action is to accompany the timeline. One example is to set aside an evening each week to do catch-up work.


Everything intended is to be thought out in detail. Examine the pros and cons and what might happen “if…” Be prepared to deal with the good and the bad that may occur. As you review details, an improved route may be detected. Preparation is everything. If you work with a team or co-workers, the clarity provides a game plan for everyone to be on the same page. It also provides the opportunity for each member to provide input and most often, a more robust plan comes to light.


Actual, factual facts are essential for every instance. When it comes to business, alternative facts are not an option unless one wants to go to jail. As these are presented to the team, further ideas blossom to improve upon the original. Statements such as, “We will be the largest and the best…” don’t fly. If there is not valid evidence for how this is to materialize, it could be a possibility, but not yet a fact.


Before entering into any agreement, do research to ensure everything is above board. Truthfulness is the biggest differentiator for selecting projects, partners, employees and anyone else you may encounter. Reconcile whether the person you are about to accept as a type of partner is honest or do they typically gloss over the truth?

Come to Terms Whether You:

  • Research the people with whom you are to meet?
  • Are you comfortable asking the hard questions such as inquiring about the budget?
  • Are your conversations inviting and open-ended to gain varying perspectives?

Asking difficult questions of others brings to light the information you need to know about a job or potential collaborative partner. Diplomacy in asking is always the best route. Once everything is out on the table, you are far more likely to hear, ‘Yes’!

By being open to everyone’s opinions and creative ideas, and asking a great variety of questions, you are able to negotiate a better outcome or improved path in a friendly manner. Answers lead to improved understanding and give way to new ideas.

All of the above leads to helping move your business and career forward, and finding the Smooth Sale!