How to Recruit the Best for Your Small Business

Workplace Success

Many small business owners complain that they cannot convince the talented employees to work for them. Hiring for small businesses is not easy due to the myths about working for them. However, as a small business owner if you convince your candidates that these myths are not true and explain the advantages of working for a small business, then there is no reason why you cannot hire the best talent.

Myth #1: If you work for a large corporation, you have better working hours because there are many employees doing different jobs. Therefore, you have better work-life balance.

Most of the time, this is not true. If you work for a very well known company, you generally work more hours and even on some weekends. The reason for this is that well known companies give you their brand name to write on your resume. Most people like a brand name on their resume so they can easily replace you with another employee who is willing to work more than you do. Thus, in order not to be replaced with someone else, employees of large corporations generally work more hours compared to others who work on small and mid-sized businesses.

Myth #2: If you work for a large corporation, you have more job stability.

This is also not true. Large corporations are often less reliable compared to small businesses. Small businesses spend more time and effort recruiting a talented candidate compared to large corporations that are well known. Therefore, if you are a great employee in a small business, you will be less likely to get laid off in a financial crisis compared to your peers working in large corporations. Large corporations can lay off an entire department without looking at the employee performance in a financial crisis.

Let’s look at other advantages of working in a small business.

1. You can find more work according to your skill-set. Generally in large corporations, your job role is so defined that it is more difficult to take on additional responsibilities to grow yourself and use all of your skill-set. However, in small corporations, you generally have more flexibility for the tasks you can take on.

2. You can stand out among the rest of the employees and prove yourself easily to others. If you are a great employee for a large business that has thousands of employees, you can easily get lost among the other great employees and your name may not be recognized. Nevertheless, if you are a great employee in a small business, you can easily shine and climb the career ladder faster.

3. You have more access to leadership. In large corporations, the only way you hear from the CEO is through company-wide emails and newsletters. However, in small corporations, you can see the CEO in person in a meeting or email him or even call him directly.