How Weather Affects Your Productivity

Workplace Success

Employee productivity is one of the most critical factors for a business to be successful and profitable. Employers want their employees to complete the maximum amount of work in the minimum amount of time in order to make more money in less time. However, there are many elements which affect employee productivity and weather is one of them.

Weather creates different moods in different people. It is very hard to tell if one is going to be more productive on rainy or sunny weather. However, you can look at both sides of the story and meet at an optimum point.

Rainy Days: Rainy days are usually gloomy and gloomy weather has generally a negative impact on mood. As a result, some people may be less productive on rainy days. Usually on these days, employees tend to come to the office later due to the traffic caused by the rain and leave the office earlier to head home as earliest as they can. However, you can increase the motivation of these employees by offering them treats such as free pizza lunch at the office or afternoon pastries along with coffee. This will both cheer them up and make them feel that they are being valued. On the other hand, some employees work more on rainy weather. Since they want to stay dry, they prefer to stay inside the office. Therefore, they take shorter lunch breaks and head back to their desks quicker than they normally do.

Sunny Days: Nice weather meaning a bright and sunny day generally puts everybody in a great mood. As a result, most people become more productive during those days. The reason of this is that sunlight brings positivity to our life and thus, employees approach tasks more positively. However, very hot weather may have a negative impact on employee productivity. People feel uncomfortable when they are sweaty and cannot focus on their tasks. Also, some may be busy planning what to do after work or on the weekend during these hot summery days. Employers should be careful about keeping the office at the right temperature with an air condition. Again employers can offer treats such as an ice cream break or a summer barbeque after work hours to keep their employees more motivated.

Cold Days: This type of weather generally affects employees working in the Northeast area.  Due to harsh weather conditions, employees call in sick or don’t want to drive to the office due to snow and prefer to work from home. Also, the days are shorter and sun goes down around 4pm-5pm. Hence, when the sun goes down, employees feel the urgency to rush home and leave the office earlier. During winter days, employers can implement flexible work hours so employees can adjust themselves according to the daylight.