How Your Personal Brand can be More Productive on Social Media

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Your time is valuable, and with just 24 hours in a day that seems to evaporate before our eyes, it’s more important than ever to make the best use of it. Social media marketing in particular can take up a large portion of your work day, but there are several ways you can make this both efficient and effective.

You know the importance of your brand to be actively involved in networking online. Not only is there the schmooze factor, but social media marketing helps you connect with other influencers in your industry which can lead to more prospects.

Today there are over 300 different social networks available, and the top performers are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and more recently Pinterest. The key to a successful marketing day for your personal brand is presented here with ideas that will help you become more productive and focused.

Powerful Social Media Marketing In Less Time

The following are some ways your personal brand can make the best use of time online, and which can be used for building your business instead:

Go offline each day – It is easy to be constantly connected to the Internet the entire work day. But this only brings distractions and burned out. Step away from your devices at certain times like at a lunch meeting or short breaks where you can take a walk or read a good book. You will be amazed at how this will refresh your energy to stay focused on what’s important.

Make a firm schedule – Instead of allowing the day to take over on social media harness it with an allotted time of when you will be communicating and sharing in your social networks. This leaves your personal brand’s calendar open for things like networking, calling back leads, important meetings, and so on.

Stay focused with the right contacts – As your personal brand’s connections grow on social media it is important to know those folks who can move your business forward and also those you are reaching out to as leads. By narrowing down this number you will find it easier to communicate in meaningful conversations. Share content that is beneficial to your network like helpful tips and videos, and take the time to thank and applaud others.

Make allowances for other people’s schedules – While building a specific social media schedule for your personal brand, it is a good idea to not only decide on when you will be most active, but also provide that same recognition to your connections. They will respect your time in return, which creates an effective pattern of communication.

As technology moves us into a work day filled with online activities it is more important than ever for your personal brand to harness your time effectively in order to make the best use of social media. These steps will help you to take control of the time spent; and, forge better relationships while having enough time for all aspects of your business, as well as, your personal life.