Personal branding reader, I could really use your help.

It’s always easier to dole out advice to other people, but, as I’m sure you can attest, applying personal branding words of wisdom to your own big plans can be messy, soul-searching work. Seeing yourself through the eyes of a colleague or client almost needs to be an out-of-body experience…and that’s why I need you. 

The Background

As a TV reporter and producer, I was always very good at representing my news organizations through my work. I relied on the fact that most people instantly recognized these news brands (the BBC and Reuters) and automatically respected me for working there.

Perhaps you also cut your teeth at a big firm, got recognition for doing well there, and defined yourself as an employee of a well-known company. But eventually it’s time to strike out on your own. That’s why you are here, right?

I too set out on my own: teaching journalism and doing media consulting, which culminated in a multimedia ebook that launched in June. While the book has done well so far (in the top 50 journalism ebooks on Amazon), I think the best is yet to come—every day more people buy tablets and get comfortable with e-reading. Combine those trends with the boom in video, and momentum is building for ebooks with embedded multimedia.

A Good problem to Have

Recently, in the midst of working my tail off to get my ebook out there and doing video consulting for non-profits and media organizations, a great opportunity has come my way: I’m going back to my reporting roots and hosting a new technology segment for the public radio station WNYC.

“What’s the problem,” you ask? All sounds good, right? But I cannot seem to figure out how to re-define myself. How do I combine this new reporting role with what I’ve been doing (working with non-profits and other journalists on the presentation side of video, as well as video production and distribution strategy)? How do you discover that perfect mission statement that explains your skill, your sparkle…how what you do is different and visionary?

Do We Need A Unified Story?

We personal branders often wear many different hats: author, consultant, speaker, manager, entrepreneur etc. But when it comes to your “pitch”, do you combine all these things into one big motto, so to speak, or do you compartmentalize them? When I meet people, I don’t want to say, “I’m a tech journalist. Oh, and also, I’m a video expert and author.” It sounds wishy-washy and I feel like I’ve cast my baby (the ebook) to the side in favor of a new awesome project.

Can they coexist and thrive? How have YOU done it?


Manoush Zomorodi’s on-camera expertise comes from years of reporting and producing for BBC News and Reuters Television. For more tips and techniques, check out Manoush’s ebook Camera Ready: How to Prepare Your Best Self & Ideas On Air and Online and follow her on Twitter @manoushz.